I kept thinking “But, I am a tourist! If you’d like to dress up a bit more though from your usual painting clothes, you’ll want to keep in mind the July heat! The tiny Mediterranean island of Capri has been a playground for the chic set since the late 19th century, luring pleasure-seekers with picturesque vistas, … 1. However, it is just at its start so visitors don’t have to face high season prices quite yet. In April, Spring is already in full swing throughout the country – or at least in most parts of it – and the landscape becomes a beautiful riot of colors. Many fashion blogs stated that you shouldn’t look like a tourist. What to wear in Rome in April, May, June Rome, as well as the rest of Italy, is known for its style but a lot less dressy than many people expect. Northern Italy is bound to be cooler and rainier than southern Italy in April, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re going to Italy in April, here’s what you need to know about weather and holidays. In Central Italy, including Rome, the temperature is approximately between 8 and 17 degrees Celsius (47 to 63 degree Fahrenheit). In 2006 I was in Rome at the beggining of April. Cotton slacks or capri pants for women are a stylish alternative. Keep all your gear handy just to play it safe. More times than not, the weather is sunny, even in the north. January is great because it is winter and the Italian Alps are for fantastic for ski and living out your winter wonderland fantasies. Culture 101.

In my opinion, the best times to visit Italy are April, May, September, October, and January – but it all depends on what you want! Italy in April: fields in bloom (by Giovanni Orlando at flickr.com) In Northern Italy average temperatures remain between 4 and 17 degrees Celsius (40 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit) . For those of you traveling to Greece and not sure what to wear or what to pack, I have put together the ultimate Greece packing list for both men and women. June-August is high season, but it is also summer in Italy and the cities are buzzing with locals and tourists alike. Answer 1 of 5: Wondering what to begin to gather for wardrobe for Italy trip late April/early May of 2009--will it really be spring like weather or should I plan to bring warm clothes also? 2 Days in Rome and 5 on the Amalfi Coast - Positano. 10 days in Italy! Unless you are planning on going to a very nice restaurant, the best clothes in Rome are the ones that make sightseeing comfortable. Clothes to Bring to Milan, Italy in April Climate Considerations. Based on Milan's precipitation... Culture 101. April in Italy isn’t as crowd-free as you might expect for a shoulder season, partly because the weather is improving and also because there are often some big-ticket holidays and events that take place in April. Springtime in Italy… When I initially started my search on what to wear in the Amalfi Coast, the first thing I saw was “what not to wear” while in the Amalfi Coast. Northern Italy in April. In Italy, tourist season picks up in April. If you are planning to visit southern Italy this spring, here are four things you can wear so that you will fit in with the locals, look stylish and still be comfortable. Europe - April Weather Amalfi Coast What to Wear - Have to pack tomorrow night. Of course, those events may be just the reason you want to book the trip. - Italian dress code from a local - Duration: 7:32. When it comes to what you should wear in Italy, the general rule of thumb is to look nice, even on a casual day of sightseeing, and put some effort into your appearance. This is the trip to try out the man bag look, using it to carry a compact umbrella, a pair of sunglasses, and a t-shirt or pair of socks if it looks like the temperature may drop later in the day. My extended family lives in Greece so I have visited many times and used to spend my summer vacations there when I was a student. It’s where it’s at in Italy (and, judging from the spring fashion shows, pretty much everywhere).