girls like to talk about their emotions and how they feel. Some females like 2 call people "honey", "baby", "sweetheart" etc but don`t mean it in a flirtatious kind of way. So, what does it mean when a guy calls you dear? He might call you dude on purpose to make you think about him. Well, darling, as the others may already told you this; "Just ask her"

If a guy calls you dude are you friendzoned?

Here are a few pointers to consider before you decide how you will react when a boy calls you baby.

by Nobody: 8:49am On Mar 16, 2018 ubunja : regretably; the majority of men are destined to be losers and no amount of education will change that.

when girls flirt to guys, things are just easier. I wouldn't use the term "my dear" on my girlfriend because I'd seem like some 76 year old, married for 50 years pensioner. Sometimes people feel the need to use terms of endearment when they are giving out advice to them. I'm a japanese and don't know the meaning of "my dear" exactly. He might call everyone bro naturally, he might consider your a friend, he might have wanted to get a reaction to you, or he might have been showing a lack of interest. if a boy calls u that, it just means that u guys are pretty close or atleast he considers u a close friend, but that doesn't say that he likes u in any other way. only 20% are woke. Not necessarily. You know most times A girl say a word to a guy, she doesn't really mean it. The Word "Dear" Does It Mean Anything Special by yemipedro(m): 9:19pm On Dec 23, 2014 many times I've been chatting with a girl and suddenly I hear "goodnight dear".."sorry my dear".. how are you dear… What does it mean when a guy calls you "my dear"? What does it mean when a guy calls you sweetie but your not going out? Chances are she`s just an affectionate person when it comes 2 her words. There’s not one answer to why guys call girls baby.

girls are strange creatures.

she could be into you or she is just looking for some one to talk to. It mean your sweet, and he who like to date you. If the girl is talking to you on the phone, while calling you 'dear', of course you'd be darn confused because you can't see her face or look into her eyes when she calls you 'dear'. What does it mean when a guy calls you bro? she could be flirting just because she can. I use the phrase with friends I know well who are girls. Re: What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Dear? It may mean very little if she uses terms of endearment a lot. It's just a funny phrase to use on those days goofing around. Check out what she calls other people besides u.Check 4 nonverbal cues 2 c if she`s attracted 2 u or not. But as for your case you said you haven't seen her mentioned that word to any other person except you, that means she's gradually having an affection for you.