What do Roasted Chestnuts Taste Like? The water chestnut is not a nut at all, but an aquatic vegetable that grows in marshes, under water, in the mud. The skin is reddish brown with a tinge of purple and the insides are the exact color of chestnut flesh. How to Eat a Raw Chestnut. You can eat them raw, but they may cause gastrointestinal distress due to the high content of tannic acid. When the skin looks puffy and deflates upon cooler air, you know theyre done and ready to eat. Step 2: Roast. They taste great baked whole in the oven with the skin on. The sweet potato that tastes just like chestnuts is the japanese sweet potato. Over fire, roasted chestnuts will cook in 10 – 12 minutes if the shell is on. In well-stocked markets, canned chestnut paste is available but oftentimes tends to be overly sweet, making it useless for many preparations. Cook over a lighted gas stove, grill or fireplace for about 15-20 minutes or until the shells start to peel open or split, occasionally moving the pan back and forth to rotate the nuts. ), Australia, tropical Africa, and various islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Roasted Chestnuts will be soft, buttery, and slightly nutty. But real water chestnuts—the fresh kind, that is—are fantastically flavorful and downright fruity: sweet and nutty and tart all at once, like a cross between a coconut and an apple, with the texture of an Asian pear. Interestingly, antioxidants in water chestnuts, like ferulic acid, also help ensure that the water chestnut flesh stays crispy and crunchy, even after cooking . It’s hard to find them in conventional grocery stores, but many Asian markets or specialty stores sell fresh water chestnuts. Take a large heavy chefs knife in one hand. How to Thwack: put one chestnut on a cutting board. What Do Water Chestnuts Taste Like? Therefore, I like to make my own chestnut paste. These hybrids have become popular backyard chestnuts in the last 20 years, and their nuts tend to have most, if not all, of the taste and richness of the American original. Chestnut paste can be used in countless ways and is easily prepared at home or in a professional setting. However, if you must try a raw chestnut, here's how to peel one. Organic chestnut farmer, Chris Foster demonstrates how to roast fresh chestnuts. If you think water chestnuts have a bland flavor, you may be eating the canned variety. They're almost impossible to peel without softening the shell first, and they taste much better cooked. Now hold the chefs knife about 6 inches above the chestnut, and now thwack the chestnut. Chestnut season runs between October and December. Faster if the shell is off, over fire we recommend using the shell as a buffer to absorb the heat. This is the time of year to enjoy roast chestnuts … Place scored chestnuts in a chestnut pan like this (it has holes in the flat bottom).

Put the other hand behind your back, nowhere near the chestnut! For most Americans, water chestnuts are synonymous with the bland and crunchy sliced vegetable found in Chinese takeout and '70s-era "Asian" salads. It is grown in many countries for its edible corms.. Eleocharis dulcis, the Chinese water chestnut or water chestnut, is a grass-like sedge native to Asia (China, Japan, India, Philippines, etc.