Plant Extracts. Being specialized in offering excellent range of Water Soluble Extracts, these are extracted from a pure kind of herbs that are derived to segregate the active ingredients done at low pressure and temperature conditions.Therefore, the potency and efficacy of the ingredients remain as such that make them dissolve in water, thus used in manufacturing of cosmetics and beauty products. 1 kilogram of water soluble THC does not equal 1 kilogram of THC. We often recommend that you start with low doses and this formula is perfect. Each standard kilogram of water soluble THC has approximately 4.76 g of THC, but can be increased up to 450 g or 45%. Visit our CO2 Supercritical Extracts category to view our large selection of premium quality CO2 Selects and Totals. Water soluble extracts contained umami and bitter tasting free amino acids at relatively high concentrations. PG102 is a water-soluble extract prepared from the fruit part of hardy kiwifruit, A. arguta, which is rich in vitamins and flavonoids, such as vitamin C and quercitrin, respectively (Park et al., 2007). From $ 38.99 . Our botanical extracts make a great addition to lotions, creams, facial serums, sprays, masks, scrubs and more. The extract represents approximately 85% of the soluble solids in the tea leaves. That’s Water Soluble Rapid Delivery 150. FSS Chamomile Extract is a water soluble extract that can be utilized in a variety personal and skin care formulations, and may help cosmetic chemists capitalize on the trend for natural, botanical extracts as well as the appeal of using an ancient, traditional herb. Herbochem's Water Extracted Curcumin with Polysaccharides is a water extract of turmeric rhizome which contains 10% polysaccharides & 10% curcuminoids. This may be added to any drink and there are four flavors to choose from. For use in lotions, creams, balms, shampoos, body mist, conditioners. Kindred Extracts Inc. is a hemp CBD processing company based in Aurora, CO that focuses on refining CBD extracts and providing the highest quality bulk water soluble CBD powder on the market. Botanical Extracts and Proteins. Botanical Extracts that are water soluble must have a preservative system. All botanical extracts are added to finished product at 40C/104F or less. In addition, a water-soluble polyphenolic extract of unopened clove buds was recently shown to benefit liver function and redox status. Water Soluble, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Water soluble extract from 72 h over-fermentation had a higher umami taste activity value than bitter taste activity, exhibiting the highest umami taste dilution factor. Find the flavoring you need in our other flavoring categories: Water-Soluble Flavors | Oil-Soluble Flavors.

The Water Soluble Curcumin contains Curcuminoids available in two grades- 10% & 20% (completely water soluble)- one of it's kind. Our Australian Plant Extracts range provides you with the outback pharmacy this diverse country offers - natural water-soluble plant actives to create new products or revamp existing ranges. Each extract has its own nourishing properties and has little or no aroma. Borage Extract is a water soluble botanical extract that can be used in cosmetics for the skin and hair. A high alcohol percentage in the dual extract was used specifically to create a high triterpene extract. From $ 35.99 . Just pick your favorite liquid, and give it a shot! …

From $ 28.99 . Caramel Extract Water Soluble.

Here, the soluble cold Distilled Water extract (4°C; concentration, 300 µg/mL) from MOL greatly induced apoptosis, inhibited tumor cell growth, and lowered the level of internal reactive oxygen species (ROS) in human lung cancer cells as well as other several types of cancer cells, suggesting that the treatment of cancer cells with MOL significantly reduced cancer cell proliferation and invasion. Whatever your needs, we have or can make a flavor for your product. All are water soluble.