Engineering ToolBox - Resources, Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications! There is a steel I-beam (supporting the center retaining wall) under the floor joist that runs the lenghth of the 4plex just behind or rather at the wall where I'm installing the aquarium.

Our deck is as simple as it gets in order to illustrate the concepts deck load capacity and transfer of weight within each tributary area. While it might be able to support some load, it was not designed as a part of the structural system that carries the weight of your floor or roof down to the foundation. Is there some sort of guidline? In fact, each 2x10 will support 1,200 lbs.

How much weight can two 2 X 4's support nailed together vertically. Really. And how are we to answer this question without knowing the loads that will be place on the joist? Grade of lumber can be No. The floor joists are a full 3" x 12", spaced 16" on centers with a span of 17'.

The joists run perpendicularly out from the house for 10 feet at 16 inches on center. How do I determine if my 1970s floor joists can support a 3cm granite island countertop and perimeter countertops. Show More. Here's my advice for what's worth: - Keep the safe close next to a wall, preferably a bearing wall if possible. Floor joists can be "bridged" with 2 x 10 blocking or X-braced wood slats or metal straps, allowing for heavier weight to be place in that location and prevent bending and twisting (or buckling) of the joists.
I have a 4' span and need an angle iron (steel lintel) that will support about 10,000# (ALL weight at dead center). I am on the top floor and want to know if my floor joist will hold a 60G aquarium. This poor floor joist cannot support itself without help. 10lbs live 5 lbs dead (no attic storage) 12" O.C. My joist are 16" (at the center) apart and run perpundicular. Steel will not twist or bend under the pressure of the load, …


All and any info is appreciated.

floor joist table joist size joist spacing maximum span 2” x 6” 12” on center 10’ - 0” 16” “ 9’- 1” 19.2” “ 8’- 7” 24” “ 7’- 11” 2” x 8” 12” on center 13’ - 2”

Weight limit of 2X6 attic floor?
The hot tub will weigh about 4000 pounds once filled with water

Each end …

I'm just wondering how much weight a series of 2x10 joists can hold. Maximum clear span for rafters w/ gypsum ceiling- standard - search is the most efficient way to navigate the Engineering ToolBox! Wood Header and Supported Weight The weight that can be supported by a double or triple wood header . Joist hanger load ratings are an important factor in choosing the joist hangers that are right for your project. Re: Weight limit of 2X6 attic floor?

You can't use the additional dead load of 10 psf for help because that's the weight of the floor structure and it's real. Joists are 2x12, 16 on center. I have 2X10 floor joists on 24" centers on a … 16" O.C. Floor joists: These are typically 2 x 8' s or 2 x 10' s at 16 inches on center that support your floor. For example a 3-ply 2X8 beam would use three 2X8s nailed together side by side. I am building a building and want to park a car on the second floor.I was thinking of using 2x12" x15' long floor joist and placing them on 12" centers.then covering them with 3/4" plywood or 1" boards.or mabye even doubling up the 2x12 beside each other for more strength.a friend said he did this and it works but i havent seen it yet .what do you think?

Putting a hot tub on the deck and want to know how much weight the 2x8s can bear.

Designing with Floor Beam Span Tables ... we will need some kind of support under these floor joists. That's DOUBLE the design live load!! I have heard they don't bear much weight at all, and also heard they're almost as reliable as the 2x10s. ... Can a floor support a load of 8000 lbs of bricks if the following conditions are met? Not even at each end?

But realistically how much weight can be put up there? Yes, two 2x10's spanning 13'-6" will support 2,200 lbs. The joists run perpendicularly out from the house for 10 feet at 16 inches on center. No support?

Mikepier: ... add some support.

2 & better of typical framing lumber, like need not be Doug. How much weight is bearing on the beam is the critical issue. This deck is 10`x10` or 100 sqft.

There are three important factors to help you choose the load rating you need. For example, a joist made from doubled 2 x 6s can span a distance about 25 percent more than a single 2 x 6, but a 2 x 12 can span about 80 percent more than a 2 x 6, even though it has the same amount of wood as a doubled 2 x 6.

The width is considerably more important than the thickness of a board. They have a 38 5/8" span.

Sponsored Links . Our deck is as simple as it gets in order to illustrate the concepts deck load capacity and transfer of weight within each tributary area. No support?