Turkey is and will continue to be a member of NATO, but it is not the partner it used to be. The NATO Secretary General states that Turkey has made a request to NATO that the Alliance augment Turkey’s air defence capabilities to defend the population and territory of Turkey, to contribute to the de-escalation of the crisis along NATO’s south-eastern border and to show Alliance solidarity to Turkey. Opinion - Point Counterpoint: Turkey Should Be Expelled from NATO Turkey’s purchase of the Russian-made S-400 air defense system has angered the country’s NATO allies, the latest in a series of disagreements fueling a deterioration of Ankara’s relations with the West. From 1945 to 1953, the Soviet Union proposed the establishment of a base in the area of the Black Sea Strait, as well as to push the border in the Caucasus to the border line of the Russian and the Ottoman empires from 1878. Erdogan thanked Russia's intelligence for giving them information about the coup, so they could squash it.

In this relation, the evidence and news talk louder than the speculations. NATO was keen to conduct military exercises in the Black Sea and was pressurizing Turkey for a permanent presence there, something Ankara opposes. Some people may like this new future, some will definitely not be happy. On Monday, Yalcin Topcu, a key advisor to the president, urged lawmakers to reconsider Turkey's membership in the defense bloc. Option 1 – Resolved: The United States should remove nearly all of its military presence in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf.

Even so, Turkey’s path towards joining the European Union has taken another tortuous turn. Mr. Erdogan s leadership style has often been compared to that of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. Top diplomat calls Ankara's foreign minister amid currency crisis . The fallout continues from the scandalous NATO drills in Norway last week, where Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and modern Turkey's founding father Mustafa Ataturk were pictured on a "chart of enemies." mcveteran81, Oct 31, 2016 #470. For both countries, mutual cooperation has major implications for national security priorities in Turkey’s surrounding region—particularly the greater Middle East. in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), dating from the onset of the Cold War. International relations China backs Turkey's efforts to safeguard stability. 1974 - Turkish troops occupy northern Cyprus, partitioning the island. 1952 - Turkey abandons Ataturk's neutralist policy and joins Nato.

Turkey’s negotiating position is exceptionally strong, because Turkey now is riding the fence between the U.S. alliance, NATO (of which Turkey has been the only predominantly Muslim member ever since it joined in 1952), versus Russia.

Turkey did nevertheless agree in 2014 to take part in the US-led operation against IS and was seen as part of the Nato alliance targeting its bases in Iraq and Syria. 1960 - Army coup against ruling Democratic Party. Big Brown Clown, WhitebeltXL and ShinkanPo like this. Islam Times - With the Turkish invasion of northern Syria and even though Washington gave Ankara the green light for its campaign in the Kurdish-controlled regions, the development once again raises a debate on the necessity to review the traditional security and military alliance of the West with Turkey. Those decisions will alter Turkey's entire future. According to a major report in English from Iran’s Fars News Agency — which had translated from published Arab sources in many countries and which … Option 2 – Resolved: Turkey’s exit from NATO would benefit international stability. NATO’s advanced radar systems in Kurecik, in eastern Turkey, deployed under its ballistic missile defense program, hardly meet Turkey’s interests, but are important for the alliance. International Turkey's Lonely Road to Isolation: Kicking Ankara Out of NATO ... Turkey s energy minister said that talks would continue over a natural gas pipeline project through Turkey, which would benefit from natural gas at discount prices. Turkey’s position within NATO, sacrosanct since 1952, may be under scrutiny.