Tote Board-SSI: Global Leader Series for Non-Profits. As part of this initiative, SSI is … Tote Board exercises management oversight over its subsidiaries - Pools and STC - to ensure that their operations are conducted safely and professionally with the highest standards of integrity and responsible gambling practices. for the Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund (TBCHF) from FY2015 to FY2019, after a joint review with the Ministry of Health and the Agency for Integrated Care. Communities of Practice. It is conceived by SSI to enable ongoing learning for non-profit board members to manage in the best interests of their stakeholders while using resources effectively. Board Members Network Sessions. Disability is a complex social issue. Instructions : This form will enable the TB-NTI:OD Grant Programme Office at National Council of Social Service (NCSS) well as the Selection Committee to make an assessment of your application. OVERVIEW; BLENDED LEARNING; SMART ENVIRONMENT; GATHERHERE; RESOURCES Click here to view video on Education Innovation. Education Innovation 2020 . Board Development The Develop Board Volunteers Initiative (DBVI) is the first-of-its kind in the non-profit sector for developing board members in the Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs). Initiatives; Education Innovation 2020; Education Innovation 2020. Programme) TB-NTI:OD Oct 2018. Tote Board Non-Profit Sector Transformation Initiative: Organisation Development Programme (TB-NTI:OD. Initiatives The Social Service Institute offers a range of capability development initiatives, including competency-based training, blended learning, professional interest groups and industry networks, as well as seminars and conferences by local and international experts in varied areas related to the sector. Please complete all items in the form. The Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative (TB-ELI) Grant funds projects that improve the well-being of persons with disabilities and their caregivers. Tote Board channels the gaming revenue of Pools and STC, together with the casino entry levy, to support and fund worthy causes towards Giving Hope and Improving Lives. The grant aims to bring together the domain and technical expertise of voluntary welfare organisations, institutes of higher learning, social enterprises and other organisations.