The remaining 22 Chapters are dedicated to the biology and folklore surrounding individual Ontario tree species. 150 people hung on to this tree for 2 full days amidst a severe flood in 1908. In folklore, chestnut wood is said to promote longevity and encourage intuition.

It produces white to yellow flowers in large clusters, but much of the folklore associated with the tree and some of the trees uses come from its fruit--a 1- to 2-inch seed capsule with spiny growths over its surface. In the wild, these trees reproduce readily from the abundant crop of nuts they produce. The Sweet Chestnut collection is simple and unfussy, perfect for anyone who loves natural, organic jewellery.

Chestnut forest tree: Castanea sativa, cv. According to local folklore, owns itself and all land within 2.5 m (8 ft) of its base. Cost us $1,500. The sweet chestnut has a remarkable multipurpose character, and may be managed for timber production (coppice and high forest) as well as for fruit production (traditional orchards), including a broad range of secondary products and ecosystem services. However, it’s there if you look hard enough, and I’m sure you’ll probably be familiar with one or two of the old customs. You can also start propagating chestnut cuttings. This tree will grow to approximately 120 feet in 20 years – as will the pin oak, Q. palustris, a very close red oak relative. A substantial, long-lived deciduous tree, it produces an edible seed, the chestnut, which has been used in cooking since ancient times. The chestnut tree is associated with the God Zeus.

Some reds include species that, strangely enough, have leaves that don’t turn red in the fall – like the willow oak Q. phellos, for example, along with the Japanese evergreen Q. Many of these chapters provide insight into tree biology and suitability for urban planting. The Fortingall Yew in Perthshire, Scotland is said to be Europe’s oldest tree, at somewhere between 2,000 – 5,000 years. is … Chestnut Folklore, Traditions, Oddities, and Medicinal Uses American chestnut trees provided sustenance to humans and animals in numerous ways. Sweetgum: The Sticker-ball Tree By Jenne Micale. Trees can also be affected by bleeding canker, which can lead to their death. We attempted to place several chestnut trees in what would be considered a clay based … It reaches 30 to 50 feet in height and 2 to 3 feet in diameter. SWEET CHESTNUT Castanea sativa This spectacular, broad-crowned, deciduous tree is regarded as an ‘honorary native’, introduced by the Romans. Mythology, magic & folklore. In old age, it can become hollow, making the perfect woodland den!