The path to Sustainable Finance: how responsible investors shape the companies they own Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme. A Virtual Event .

Carbon Finance for Sustainable Development May 28, 2014 — This annual report covers the carbon funds, facilities, and financial instruments managed by the World Bank. The research is primarily, but not exclusively, carried out by the Climate, Energy and Society Unit and through the Initiative on Global Finance at SEI as well as at the Sustainable Finance platform within the Mistra Centre for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Collaborate with change agents in sustainable finance within banks and fund managers, innovators among ESG tech start-ups, and leaders in technology and consulting, to exchange insights, share best practices, align priorities and advance the next steps inside your organization. Research at the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment. The Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment (the ‘Alliance’) was founded in 2017 to promote multi-disciplinary academic research on sustainable finance and investment.

The two-day event allows researchers to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge between academics, professionals and policy makers.

Programme Panels. The Alliance consists of global research universities, each with expertise in this emerging field. Teaching. Together with Stockholm Green Digital Finance we combine research, education, and innovation on levels of … New Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre aims to accelerate and promote the shift in capital investments required to deliver the Sustainable. The conference on "Promoting Sustainable Finance" will aim to provide answers to this question.

Bloomberg’s Sustainable Finance solutions respond to the increasing trend of considering sustainability as a driver of business value and risk management. Sustainable finance is a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary priority, as such the Leadership Series will draw on expertise from across the world and from leaders in financial institutions, financial policy, research and civil society. In 2013, the World Bank worked with 90 countries, including donors and recipients, and raised $643 million for the Bank's 'next generation' carbon market initiatives.