However, as a general rule, square tins hold about 25 …

This scaling up is more difficult with cake recipes – they cannot simply be doubled or tripled. Make your own Christmas cake with our easy Christmas cake recipe. Rich Fruit Cake.

Our answer. Make the royal icing recipe and then spread it over the marzipan-covered cake with a flat palette knife in either a smooth layer or swirled to make little peaks all over the surface of the cake. This simple, all-in-one recipe makes the perfect fruit base for your festive treat. Karen Burns-Booth’s Christmas cake recipe is a true classic, and sublimely easy to make.

Nigella's classic fruit cake recipes in both Feast and Christmas have tables for 3 different sizes of cake, but to start you need to work out the round tin equivalent for your square tin as most cake recipes give tin sizes for round tins. Decorate as you wish with silver or gold sugar balls, Christmas ornaments, or other festive decorations. Don’t forget to feed the cake with brandy every week before Christmas to ensure a rich and luxurious finish. So, using Delia’s Rich Fruit Cake, we have calculated the ingredients list and cooking times for you.