To counter the misconceptions, Kanpai is trying different ways to introduce sake to the public, such as cocktails and collaborations with craft brewers. 133 Copeland Road #Unit 2A-2 Peckham, Greater London SE15 3SN United Kingdom. Kanpai London Sake Brewery & Taproom. Kanpai London Sake Brewery & Taproom. 100% natural and gluten free. Tom thinks sherry is a better comparison. A rich, robust & dry junmai daiginjo sake, where fruity meets savoury. Join us around our intimate 24-seater table for a colourful sake-paired … The UK's first sake brewery The lovely shops, restaurants & bars WHERE YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON Kanpai London Craft Sake * If you’d like to stock Kanpai, drop us a line to or reach out to our distributor Amathus *
At-a-glance. KANPAI - London Craft Sake Brewery A little round up of Kanpai London Sake in the press. Twitter. Facebook.

Peckham, London might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of sake.


The four linked bars that form the company's emblem symbolize the four groups that came together as one.

A little round up of Kanpai London Sake in the press. How it all started. Buy Kanpai London craft sake online or in store. A new sake brewery has opened up in London's Peckham, with the first batches of sake to reach the shelves of Selfridge's later this month.


Twitter. The sake we make here in England, This is our driving force, our “ikigai”. Sake Business Category: Sake Breweries Sake Business Tags: European Sake Brewery and Sake Brewery Outside Japan.

Sake is the general term referring to alcoholic drinks in Japan.


Lucy Holmes and Tom Wilson are the founders of Kanpai London Craft Sake, Britain’s first sake brewery. Check out our guide to drinking sake in London here.

Truly unique in the sake world, Kanpai London Craft Sake Brewery brings the joyful experimentation of modern craft beer brewing into the ancient world of sake, all with a particular London flavour. Nihonshu is what Japanese sake is called in Japan. Website. Kanpai’s backstory is endearing. Established in 2017 by husband and wife team - Tom & Lucy Wilson a place with 500 years of sake brewing history. Profile Photos Map The hot sake served at London’s Asian restaurants has left people with the impression that sake is a strong spirit like vodka.
The UK’s first sake brewery.

Today, the brewery is the largest in Miyagi Prefecture and sits in an imposing modern complex. Plant-based night at Kanpai London Sake Brewery! It’s only open open on Friday 5pm - 10:30pm and Saturday 12pm - 10:30pm. The brewery will be run by Lucy Holmes and Tom Wilson, who fell in love with sake after first visiting Japan three years ago. Three years after supping all of the sake on a mammoth trip around Japan, Lucy and Tom have brought the taste of the East to South London with the UK’s first ever sake brewery. At London Sake we want to help more people discover, try and enjoy sake the way we do - in great condition, at home, with food, with friends, no fuss. Despite only launching their pocket-sized sake … It is a fermented beverage made from rice, the staple food grain for the country, and abundant soft water. But in 2017 it became ground zero of a budding ‘sake revolution’ when Tom and Lucy Wilson started Kanpai, the UK’s first brewery of Japan’s national drink. Instagram. To help guide you, our WSET qualified experts have written easy to understand tasting notes, provided advice on the best serving temperature and suggested sensible, affordable food pairings designed to enhance the taste experience at home. Enjoy at 50C or 10C with risotto, roast or ramen. After getting a taste for sake at sushi and ramen restaurants in London we were completely hooked!

Producing high quality, small batch, craft sake. At Kanpai all of our sakes are naturally vegan, and we're thrilled to be teaming up with Sara of Shiso Delicious for a tasty Japanese-inspired vegan menu on Thursday 13 June. SOLD OUT!

Website. To experience Kanpai London Sake Brewery & Taproom, head to Unit 2A.2 Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Road, Peckham SE15 3SN. This same force led us to Cambridge, fountainhead of history, ancient seat of learning, This magnificent estate lies on land where Ice Age strata sit below the ground, purifying the water. Thirsty for more?