It is still highly praised and frequented by locals and tourists alike and I'm glad … I’ve started with one of my all-time favorites: Lemon Curd Ice Cream!

Glacier de Crumble & Flake is open!
Celine Patisserie was already one of my favorite cafes in Seattle before the pandemic--the space is friendly and open yet cozy, the staff is great, and the pastries are simply the best around.

We came across C & F while watching a Food Network show on Seattle Sweets. 28-ene-2014 - Crumble & Flake is opened by Pastry Chef Neil Robertson formerly at MistralKitchen and Seattle's highly acclaimed fine dining restaurant Canlis. Sadly, news comes this morning that the bakery’s owner, the incredibly talented pastry chef Neil Robertson, is selling the shop. It opened in May last year so the hype and line ups have died down, but not substantially. My wife and I were so excited to visit Crumble and Flake on a recent trip to Seattle. I make my ice creams and sorbets French-style (for all of you who have been lucky enough to enjoy Berthillon, you know exactly how good this is). Other croissant renditions include lemon pistachio, chocolate rye, whole wheat — and she’s even working on a vegan croissant, made with coconut butter. The croissant was really tasty and we also got a couple filled-to-orer cream puffs. The best looking and highest recommended item had to be the Pistachio Croissant.
11 of 19 My single favorite pastry in Seattle is the twice-baked pistachio croissant that I’ve occasionally happened across—they don’t make them daily—at Crumble & Flake’s petite Capitol Hill shop. Brushed with sweet orange syrup, filled with almond cream, and covered with toasted almonds, even the most run-of-the-mill store-bought croissants are transformed into something heavenly. But the way they've adapted to the quarantine conditions has put them firmly in the top spot for me. Stay tuned for more flavors!