Some obvious ones come to mind (Sonny, Tony, and Lucky) but we’re also trying to dig a bit deeper here for some more obscure, short-lived brands.
So let’s dig in! For every Tony the Tiger, there's a Poppy the Porcupine. Educational site featuring images and information on over 1001 fictional characters and mascots from cereal boxes and other breakfast products manufactured from the 1880s to the present. BuzzFeed Staff. Cereal companies brought dozens of characters to life, from talking tigers and circus clowns to bucktoothed cavemen — and kids ate them up.
15 Crazy Cereal Mascots That Time Forgot (Slideshow) Back in the baby boom era, no breakfast was complete without an appearance by some zany cartoon cereal mascot. A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Cereal Mascots. Welcome to Topher's Castle - A Great Site for Everyone! by Louis Peitzman. Waldo the Wizard … 17. By Meghan Bassett. 12 Forgotten Cereal Mascots. Chip the Wolf / Chip the Dog. 1. That’s right, it’s March 7th: National Cereal Day! From the first moment someone decided to ramp up the sugar content of breakfast food to appeal to children, Cereal Mascots have been a part of your breakfast table. 20 '90s Cereals You Completely Forgot About, From Hidden Treasures To Waffle Crisp . I am a '90s kid who was brought up solely on cereal for breakfast. BuzzFeed News Reporter. Have some dignity, you cereal munching fiends. Happy National Cereal Day 2017: Dan’s Top 5 Obscure Cereal Mascots Finally: now that all those Hallo-Thanks-‘mas-New-Valen-hog things are over, we can celebrate the real most wonderful time of the year.

Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide . Sep. 10, 2015. Today’s our day, breakfast lovers. by Joanna Borns.