As mentioned in our Nevada LLC filing forms lesson, we recommend using the Common Business Registration (via SilverFlume) to obtain your Nevada LLC’s Sales Tax Permit. The Annual List & State Business License renewal are contained in the same filing. Form a Nevada Corporation or Qualify as a Foreign (Non-Nevada) Corporation The following documents pertain to forming a Nevada Corporation or Qualifying as a Foreign (Non-Nevada) Corporation. You may also conduct an entity search via SilverFlume’s website. There are two (2) ways to perform a Business Entity Search for a Las Vegas Business. You can search the Clark County’s Business License Department’s database of business licenses. Online filing of Articles of Incorporation is currently only allowed for Domestic Chapter 78 Corporations. The full name of the Annual List is actually the “Annual List of Managers or Managing Members”. In this article, we will teach you how to conduct a business entity search via SilverFlume.
This enables your LLC to maintain its good standing status and keep doing business in the state of Nevada. For questions regarding SilverFlume, a state business license, or other Secretary of State filings, please call 775-684-5708 or email
Everything is done online and is much easier than submitting APP-01.01 by mail. Nevada LLC annual fees: 1. SilverFlume A Guide to Starting a Business in Nevada