There is no reason to panic just because an 18-year-old does not want to go to college or get a job.

Next you should do an honest assessment of where you are in life and figure out a couple of things. I have carried at the least a 3.8 through high school. once you get that established go to collage sites that are in your area and see what they have to offer.

Let your child know that if he's truly ill, he will need to see a doctor, stay in bed and rest, keep the TV off, and so on.

If your high school senior has no idea what they want to do after they graduate, they might need some time to think and explore different options. Your child/teen does not feel safe in school for reasons related to anxiety (social or otherwise), depression, or bullying.

Just go travelling for a year or so. All right, this probably sounds like a broken record, but I don't know what to do. Q: My Son Is Getting Lost in His Huge High School.

However, I wanted to take one more step before they chose to attend a college, go to a trade school or simply enter their career.

Be aware that a decision like this, if done right, isn’t spontaneous. it made me realize I want to be an athletic trainer.

good luck hope everything works out If your child skips class, blows off tests, and gets detention on a regular basis, waiting on college might be a good idea. I was in your son's shoes when I was 18.

On top of everything this is a new school where he doesn’t know anyone as yet. Following high school, neither one of my kids knew exactly what they wanted to do, but they had a good idea.

How do you get your teenager motivated? Here, learn how to provide him a useful map and the … good luck hope everything works out

7. im a senior in high school too and this really helps.

Employers, even after graduating from college, value students who have years of on-the-job work experience under their belt because it shows them work ethic and the development of skills outside of academics. Getting a job immediately after high school remains a good choice. Every high schooler I know is irresponsible in one way or another, but I’m talking about the kid who doesn’t care about school at all. My son (M17) wants to join the military right after high school. After all, if teens don't like the service or if the thought of going to war seems too scary, they can't easily drop out. A lot of people will move to working full-time after graduating high school, especially if it is in a field that provides good experience and could turn into a career later on down the road.

either do this with your son or do it then present it to him. But again, don’t take it personally, as if somehow you have to make her do it.

Many parents might not like the sound of this.

either do this with your son or do it then present it to him. However, the fact is that most students don’t know what they want to do when they finish school, and those that do are in the minority. I'm currently a junior, school year is gonna end soon. once you get that established go to collage sites that are in your area and see what they have to offer. I know lots of people that take time off after high school. The truth is, you can’t make her do anything that she doesn’t want to do. 7. After all, failed classes could mean a lower GPA, trouble getting into college, and perhaps even trouble graduating from high school on time. Don’t Do Your Child’s Work.

But you can hold her accountable.