Help your first grader get acquainted with long o words with this phonics worksheet.

In some words, the long-o is spelled with the letters oa, as in boat and float. • Which spelling word begins with a long-o sound? Words in this series include hold, cone, goat, rope, boat, and stone.

This week's words have the long-o vowel sound. Can you say it both ways?
I hope this item is all that you require for your students and classroom. LONG O {o} {oa} {ow} {o-e} {oe} globe Activities, Games & Worksheets goat Long O Sound. Long O Activities - Melinda Crean Fun, hands on activities and games for teaching ‘Long O’ By Melinda Crean of Top Notch Teaching Thank you for purchasing this product. • Which 3 words end with a long-o sound? Phonics: Long-O Vowel Sound Use these printable phonics worksheets for teaching students about the long-o vowel sound. He'll learn letter patterns from the oe in doe to the oa in goat. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Robot and mole, Super phonics 2, Long vowel sounds word lists, , Name long and short vowel sounds, , Lesson plan building words the long o sound oaow, Long and short english vowels 4 pdf.

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Short O Sound Worksheet Learning the Alphabet The Complete Guide Everything you need to effectively teach the alphabet and help your child to build a strong reading and writing foundation. In others, it is spelled with ow, as in mow and show. • The word bow can be pronounced two different ways. He'll learn letter patterns from the oe in doe to the oa …