Think chicken keeping is expensive? And many owners believe their chickens are the best form of therapy (and you even get eggs….find a therapist that can do THAT). Keeping a flock of chickens is the perfect way to give your child a pet and a few life lessons as well. Pet chickens should be housed outdoors in a secure coop with an area to run around during the day. Keeping pet chickens is a rewarding hobby which is fun for the whole family. Stressful job? Chickens Are Cheep and Easy Pets Not only do chickens make great pets, they are also productive backyard friends and pay for their own upkeep with delicious and healthy fresh eggs!

Pet your chicken to show it affection. Which chicken, what feed, which coop, daily routine. The opposite is … You will find that keeping pet chickens is relaxing, fun and surprisingly entertaining! In order to keep pet chickens from roaming the neighborhood, one will need secure fencing called chicken wire that is buried two feet into the ground to prevent predators such as raccoons and foxes from getting under it. Call it by its name and when it approaches, gently pet it. The sweet spot is the back of its neck underneath the fluff of its feathers—gently rub it here to calm it.

As you get more comfortable with your chicken, it will allow you to pet it. Bird netting can be spread taut over the enclosure if hawks and eagles are a problem in the … You can keep your flock of chickens in a safe coop outdoors; some people like keeping a chicken as a pet in the house (using a diaper, of course).