It will perform best in full sun. This variety is desirable for its profusion of flowers and neat, upright habit, according to the University of Florida. Ivory silk lilac tree flowering shrub is perfect for adding character to any landscape. Common Name. Type. The Lilac Tree is resistant to mildew, borers and scale. 2. Cultivate classic lilac plants for attention-grabbing centerpieces, or grow a flowering lilac bush for a border or walkway. Spring Hill Nurseries 4 in. Our top 10 small to mid size ornamental trees are; 1. The most common of the lilac trees is the Japanese lilac tree. It will grow to be 15-20′ tall with a 10-15′ spread. This Sheridan Nursery selection has a sturdy, more compact, oval growth habit than Japanese tree lilac. The most common of the lilac trees is the Japanese lilac tree. With it's tidy growth habit, beautiful late Spring blossoms, and the fact that it produces no fruit, it makes an attractive option for the modern home. Buy Ivory Silk® Tree Lilac online. The Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac makes for a spectacular ornamental tree in any landscape. Find a Store Near Me. Choosing & Growing Lilac Trees.

Find a Store Near Me. One of our favorite lilacs is now available.

It also has good tolerance for urban conditions and is deer resistant. Red jewel Crabapple. Ivory Silk Lilac 7. Known for the profusion of perfect, creamy-white fragrant flowers and cherry-brown bark, the Lilac Tree is hardy and tough. Blooms early to mid-June.

(800) 399-9514. Growing Zone: # ... On Sale; Best Sellers; New Arrivals; Gift Ideas; Gardening Supplies; Wishlist; Plant Care Center; Clearance; Contact Us ; Order Status; Shipping Info; FAQs; Gift Cards; About Us; Sign In Create Account. Look for lilac flowers to burst open beginning in spring, with long canes producing voluminous pink, yellow, white, red, purple or blue blooms. Mature Flowering Cherry trees create breath-taking seasonal blossom displays, whilst established evergreens make an impact year-round. Weeping Caragana. Ivory Silk Lilac Tree can withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero. Mature trees make a wonderful impact on a garden, with the species you choose affecting the overall feel of the garden. This lilac tree flowers at an early age. Enliven your landscape with the fresh color and easy growth of our elegant Ivory Silk Lilac Trees. Peegee Hydrangea Tree 6.
Profusion Crabapple 8. Ivory Silk Lilac Trees for Sale | ... .. The Ivory Silk Lilac has an upright oval shape and can be in the full sun. Buy Ivory Silk® Tree Lilac online. The more effort you put into planting this cultivar and Ivory Silk tree care, the less Japanese tree lilac problems you will experience. Hardy to -30°F Maximum Elevation: 7,000 ft.

Lilac trees are very similar to lilac bushes, except that they grow more upright and have a wider trunk. 12.7-Gallon White Ivory Silk Lilac Tree Flowering Shrub in Pot (L9033) Item #661627 Model #NURSERY. Attractive reddish-brown bark. How to Use Ivory Silk Lilac Tree in the Landscape. Ivory Silk Lilac Tree…

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The Japanese lilac tree is hardy to zones three through seven, and has creamy white flowers appearing in early summer. Plant a lilac tree and enjoy daily visits from hummingbirds and butterflies throughout the flowering season. It can withstand freezing temperatures and is widely adaptable with soil and moisture. Lilac trees can grow to a height of thirty feet, and usually have a rounded, upright shape. This tree must be planted in a well-drained site without any high nitrogen fertilizer. It is considered a small to medium sized tree and is a relatively slow growing tree.

This is an excellent street tree…

Syringa vulgaris ‘Ivory Silk’ is a small tree or large shrub which grows 20’ tall with a rounded crown. The plant can be cultivated as a large shrub or small-to-medium sized tree that grows on multiple trunks, or a single, straight trunk. Syringa are ideal for the back of borders to bring good height to the scheme and wonderful partnered with others flowering at the same time - Laburnum, Hawthorn, or Ceanothus would be our favourites. Thrives in areas that receive full sun, and requires … Ornamental trees are usually small and work well in garden beds or as specimen accent pieces.

Lilac trees are very similar to lilac bushes, except that they grow more upright and have a wider trunk. Blooms later than most other species of lilac (late May to early June in St. Louis).