Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Track .

looking to do indoor track this season, wondering was shoe i should buy for training and races for indoor sprinter. Is there a conversion factor between Indoor & Outdoor Track times? I would much rather run outside than on an indoor track, assuming the weather cooperates. Racing flats have no spikes and will often be what you will have to run in. Duh. Indoor Tracks are 200m tracks and Outdoor tracks are 400m. this is for division 3 college competition. the seasons are mostly the same jsut with indoor your meets are indoors so you are running around a 200m track instead of a 400m track so you have to run 8 laps instead of 4 … Back To Index Forum Index. It gives athletes a place to train and compete during, for example, snow season in the American Northeast. BVU’s indoor track is a 200 meter track, while the outdoor track is a 400 meter track. While many people are familiar with track events by watching the Summer Olympics, the races don’t end when the weather gets cold – they just go indoors. It takes a lot of experience to get fully adjusted to running on an indoor track, and every athlete should be aware that their indoor personal best will likely be much slower than their outdoor PB. From experience, I've needed both as depending on the venue rules, you won't be able to run in shoes that even RECEIVE spikes.

I have done a lot of all three.

If I ran a certain time indoor what would that be outdoor?

New Start Thread. It is harder to maintain a constant speed when your constantly running turns where you cannot go as fast as straightaways. And I would rather run on an indoor track than on a treadmill. Along with the length and time frame of seasons come many other differences. The difference between Outdoor and indoor spikes are the spikes themselves. The biggest difference is the size of the tracks that are competed on and the effects that size has on events.

go ahead and do indoor track. So because I ran 53.99 indoor, what would that be in outdoor, if the weather's nice, no wind, etc.

That means you have 16 turns to run as opposed to 8. 3) Indoor tracks are half as big as outdoor tracks.


Outside of the obvious, what differentiates the two seasons? The first thing to know about indoor track is that it is not the same as outdoor track. 1 m indoor = 1 m outdoor… It’s totally dependent on the track you ran on indoors. An advantage to a treadmill is that you can monitor your speed. InterestingDude 6 years ago 01/28/2014 8:00pm CST.

If your running the mile indoor you have to run 8 laps as opposed to 4 outdoors. Sprint Times for Indoors vs. Outdoors.

New Start Thread. Working out on a track or outdoors means you …

InterestingDude 6 years ago 01/28/2014 8:00pm CST. What's a way to compare?

The CBC's Anson Henry, himself a former sprinter, shows a few differences between indoor and outdoor track and field events -- just in time for the world indoor championships from Portland, Ore. 1:25 And I would rather run on an indoor track than on a treadmill. can i just buy any outdoor spike and use them for indoor races? I know that in an indoor track your times will be slower than your outdoor. As a result, the track material for outdoors is more conducive to running good times. factor 6 years ago 01/28/2014 9:49pm CST.