How to prune blueberries. Most of the time, you prune blueberry bushes when they’re dormant during the fall and winter. A.

"Hi, Ann The best time to transplant bushes is while they're dormant, so now should still be OK. Don't move them if the ground is frozen. How to Prune Blueberry Bushes. The first step to pruning your blueberry bushes is to go through your bush and find small branches that intersect or cross over one another. To start pruning blueberry bushes, you’ll need a good pair of hand pruners and perhaps a small hand saw for larger limbs that need to be pruned down.

Wait until the leaves fall off the bushes before pruning. For instance, throughout the growing season, any weak or low-growing shoots should be removed as well as dead, diseased or insect-infested canes that may be found.
If growing in the type of environment they love — acid soil, not too competition from weeds, full sun — blueberry bushes are very prolific berry producers. Dig a nice big hole, dig in some compost to the soil, dig up the blueberry, keeping the root ball together as much as possible and plant in the hole, ensuring that it's planted at the same soil level as before, and water it in well. If your bushes are large with thick canes, use long-handled loppers for cutting tough stems.

Pruning blueberry bushes and proper blueberry bush care can help yield not only a larger harvest but also larger, juicier berries. Smaller pruners work well for touch-up work or for pruning young blueberry bushes. Follow these easy step by step instructions on how to prune blueberries and properly amend the soil for quality growth. If a late frost didn't kill the buds, the bushes may be suffering from too much bounty and too little pruning. Young bushes generally do not require as much pruning; however, trimming blueberry bushes throughout the growing season may be necessary to maintain overall health and vigor. With a little care, your blueberry plants will continue to produce abundant crops of delicious, healthy blueberries for many years.

To get the most from your bushes, it's really important to give them a prune each year - do it in February or March, before the plant gets busy growing.