For around a hundred years from the mid 18 th century onwards, Alaska was a Russian colony but, after a handsome price was negotiated in 1867, it became US territory and eventually became the 49 th state of the USA. Do you think this was too much to pay for a piece of land that was mostly unexplored? Gold in Alaska is worth the same amount as any other state. Alaska Airlines miles value: 0.59 cents (as of Jun 3, 2020 ) (as of Jun 3, 2020 ) See how we calculated the average value . Right now gold is worth $1526.60 per troy ounce. In 1867, Andrew Johnson’s radical Secretary of State signed a deal with Russia, buying “Seward’s Icebox” for $7.2 million. At that time, that worked out to roughly 2 cents an acre. While Alaska is widely known today as the largest state in the USA, it once part of Russia.

With such massive success in music, Jewel Kilcher has a huge net worth of $30 million. How much do you think a state is worth? For the first time, Jewel appeared on Alaska the last Frontier in 2016 for three episodes with her 5-year-old son after she visited her native home Alaska after many years of being away. On March 30, 1867, Secretary of State William H. Seward agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia for $7 million. Alaska Airlines Miles Value. How Much Would Alaska Cost in Today’s Dollars?

The exact salary that Jewel brings in is not known. Author: Catie Quinn | March 31, 2014 March 31, 2014. Alaska Airlines miles are called Mileage Plan Miles, part of the overall program they call Mileage Plan. In today’s dollars, William H. Seward would have bought Alaska for around 30 cents an acre. How much are my Alaska Airlines miles worth? Otto Kilcher Net Worth.