It’s ok… I won’t tell. In fact, I can’t even hear what you’re saying! It’s time to quit soda and start sipping something good: check out this handy list of healthy soda substitutes (with and without sugar) that’ll satisfy your craving for carbonation, flavor, or both! Include healthy drinks in your diet and try to break the habit of reaching out to diet soda. What are the healthy alternatives that can still match my cravings?

1. Be honest- how many diet sodas do you drink in a day? All you need when breaking away from drinking diet soda is a little club soda, a few fruits and herbs to make your life a little sweeter. We will tell you about some very good alternative drinks that are healthy and safe for you. Two? One?
It’s considered a “free food” so the amount you can have is … I've decided it's finally time to get rid of my twice-a-day soda habit, but the problem is, I really like soda. Sparkling Pomegranate Juice People LOVE the stuff. Then, on the days that you need your fizzy, caffeine-filled friend back in your life, just go for it — but be sure to savor every drop. 4 Healthy Alternatives to Diet Sodas. Arnold Palmer Lite Diet soda is one of those things in the diabetes community that is everywhere. Start with a simple swap once a week, and then ramp it up as you find alternatives to diet soda that work for you. Combine the ingredients, blend if necessary, and serve. Other alternatives exist. Plain water is the best alternative to diet soda. The next step in breaking diet soda addiction is finding healthy soda alternatives like these that are full of antioxidants and actually very good for you. Following Are Top 15 Healthy Alternatives To Diet Soda: Plain Water. No matter what your situation — whether you’re looking to reduce your diet soda intake, eliminate it altogether, want caffeine (or not), or can’t live without a bubbly beverage — healthier options are available, and most are available through Swanson! Of all the options for drinks out there, soda is still pretty popular. This is concerning because of how unhealthy soda is and the obesity epidemic in the United States.. Try these delicious, and healthy alternatives to diet or artificially sweetened drinks. In fact, it turns out that half of all Americans drink soda every single day and among those people, the average daily intake was 2.6 glasses. Plain, old-fashioned H20 is the healthiest substitute for soda, “but sometimes, people have a tough time making the switch directly from drinking soda to water,” Kennedy says. A 2 liter?

So while soda consumption continues to decline, the temptation of sugary fountain drinks and sleek, diet soda cans persists.