Smoke bush shrubs get their name from the fuzzy balls of unfertilized flowers. Deciduous.

While there are green varieties available, many people choose the purple-leaf varieties for use as a specimen in the yard. The Project X HZRDUS Smoke green is said to be the stiffest HZRDUS Smoke shaft yet! Dramatic, long-lasting, brownish pink, smoke-like airy seed clusters smother the deep green foliage creating a prized accent shrub or specimen. Dense, compact habit provides a neat shrub with little maintenance. All the smoke bushes are shapely rounded shrubs or small trees, once grouped with the sumachs (Rhus) and popular as specimen plants for their summer interest and autumn colour. In the wild there are forms with apple-green leaves. This award-winning smoke bush has stunning, golden-yellow round leaves that turn coral, orange and red in autumn.

Smoke Bush (Cotinus): “Stands Out in a Crowd” The color of the leaves, the contrast with other plants, the light shining through: for many this is the point of Smoke Bush. The leaves become an intense translucent gold the more sun the plant receives. Enjoy Beautiful Summer And Fall Color The Smokebush Golden Spirit is a recent introduction from Europe. This fairly new variety is an excellent specimen plant for a sunny spot. For others, it’s all about the flowers that look like puffs of smoke at the tips of this singular bush. Magical® Green Fountain Smoke Tree Cotinus coggygria 'Kolcot' Plant Patent #14,120. One splendid old specimen at the National Trust's Hidcote Garden is a soft haze of green in … In July and August, a haze of fluffy, smoke-like plumes of green flowers appear.

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green Shaft. The leaves of this tree change color throughout the seasons, beginning with a … Good sized and dense, the brilliant, gold leaf color lasts all season before it turns brilliant shades or coral and orange into the fall. The royal purple smoke bush (Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple') gets its name from the tiny flowers that appear in spring and early summer, giving the impression of a cloud of smoke. Sku #1764. Smokey whit Through using Hexcel’s HexTow HM63 fiber, Project X aimed to make an ultra-stable shaft that will hold up and keep spin down with any swing speed thrown at it. Both the varieties of smoke bush - green with flowers and the red leaved variety - are in this planter The burgundy leaves of the 'Royal Purple' Smokebush deepen through the summer, turning a vibrant purple-red in fall, especially dramatic in full sun.