The plant forms a clump of elegant, lacy yellow-green leaves, bearing upright stems with dangling tubular flowers of bright, true blue. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. Other common names blue corydalis Family Papaveraceae Genus Corydalis can be annuals, biennials or tuberous or rhizomatous perennials, with ternately or pinnately … Impressum. Croydalis elata 'Blue Summit' from the Chelsea Gold Medal winning nursery Plantagogo, which is also the holder of the National Collection for Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella. In kleineren Gruppen oder einzeln platziert, überall ist dieser Lerchensporn ein dekoratives Highlight für nahezu alle Bereiche im Garten. Be the first to review “Corydalis omeiensis” Cancel reply. BS and BD don't flower yet and also C.elata flowers here in July. Corydalis solida grows to 10" tall and features clusters (up to 20 flowers per cluster) of tube-shaped, purplish red flowers (1" long) which bloom in spring. Corydalis elata 'Blue Summit': Stunning electric blue flowers above pretty ferny foliage.


Lerchensporn Corydalis elata 'Blue Summit' ist eine dankbare Staude für den halbschattigen, nicht zu trockenen Gartenbereich.

Corydalis elata 'Blue Summit' A wonderful variety of C. elata with dark indigoblue flowers on stems that are stable up to 45 cm high. Of the blue Corydalis, this is the darkest variety. While the Corydalis flexuosa groups require special attention to perform their best outside the cooler climates of the Pacific Northwest, C. elata loves the heat of the East Coast. Corydalis elata Blue Summit quantity. Corydalis elata 'Blue Summit' A selection by Elizabeth Strangman of Washfield Nursery in England from a collection on Emeishan in Sichuan. Perfect as a ground cover in woodland and naturalized areas.

Widerrufsrecht. Corydalis elata 'Blue Summit' Lerchensporn Blue Summit. Noteworthy Characteristics. Corydalis elata 'Blue Summit' Artikel-Nr. This fragrant, blue-flowered species is more vigorous and heat tolerant than the blue cultivars. Grows in clumps, 12-18 in. This plant is a great improvement with its vigorous clump of light green to chartreuse green foliage, less sensitivity to passing drought and unforgettable sky blue flowers which appear in late spring. Corydalis elata Blue Summit . Bloom: ... Corydalis elata x flexuosa.

Romantisch wirkt er mit weißen Blüten anderer Stauden. Much easier to grow than the usual form of C. elata… Related Products.

7% MwSt. Several selection of Blue Corydalis are now available, but this was the first to reach North America.

This species, originating from southwest Sichuan Province in China, is considered by many to be the best of the true blue Corydalis.

This is more vigorous and a better grower than most other forms of Corydalis elata and the tall scented blue flowers are outstanding.

Kategorie Stauden . Plants form a clump of elegant, lacy green leaves, bearing upright stems with dangling tubular flowers in the most amazing electric-blue shade. Empfohlene Qualität: P 0,5. schon ab 3,90 € zzgl. Die Elternteile dieser „blauen“ Schönheiten sind oftmals Corydalis elata und C. flexuosa, beide in der Bergwelt Chinas in bis zu 3000 m Höhe beheimatet. CarePrefers partial shade in moist, well-drained soil.

... growing near a small stream in the Balangshan in Sichuan in 2006 and the jolt of recognition was as electric as the blue of its flowers. Corydalis curviflora subsp.

I have now 'Craigton Blue' (but I'm not sure if it is the right plant because in the pictures the flowers of 'Craigton Blue' look "meconopsis" blue, and my plant has just started to flower and the flowers are darker blue ), C.elata 'Blue Summit' and C.elata x flexuosa 'Blue Dream'. Die möglichen Kombinationen mit Corydalis flexuosa 'Blue Heron' sind unzählig.

Flowers emit a … rosthornii 'Blue Heron' Corydalis darwasica Corydalis davidii Corydalis decipiens misapplied Corydalis degensis Corydalis densiflora Corydalis 'Early Bird' Corydalis elata Corydalis elata x flexuosa clone Corydalis elata 'Blue Summit' Corydalis 'Electric Blue' Corydalis erdelii Corydalis firouzii PropagationSelf sows freely. Der bläuliche Lerchensporn sollte an einem schattigen Standort gepflanzt werden.