Herbs Plants that can be used as dry herbs or teas. Its needle-like leaves are green, blue-green or blue-silver in color. Due to the dry climate in Colorado, Xeriscapes are a popular low-maintenance landscaping solution for homeowners who want to deliver that “wow” factor year round. Colorado has various climate areas, including plains, mountainous regions and semi-desert regions. Industrial Hemp . Wildflowers Various wildflowers found throughout Colorado & the South West. Brush against it and the skin gets itchy, red and blistered. Many plants native to Colorado are used in residential and commercial landscapes, most notably our state tree, the Colorado blue spruce, and the quaking aspen. Links. Colorado native plants are those that naturally grew in the state before European immigrants settled in the area. Colorado has a wealth of native plants, colorful wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and trees that are well adapted to our variable climate, soils, temperatures, and elevations. The Colorado native plant gardening guides cover these 5 regions: Plains/Prairie Front Range/Foothills Southeastern Colorado Mountains above 7,500 feet Lower Elevation Western Slope. Planting/delivery is payable at the time of service to the planting/delivery … Where to buy veggie plants, herbs and fruit trees in Colorado for that garden you’re starting By Betty Cahill , Special to The Denver Post Apr 17, 2020, 6:00 am 771 Shares Colorado has a wide variety of native plants due to the variations in elevation, temperature extremes and soil conditions. Steer clear. 2 . Weeds Non-native and noxious weeds. Planting is hard work, and some of our trees can weigh over 1500lbs. Some may be uncommon in many nurseries but available from wholesale suppliers. Low-Water Native Plants for Colorado Gardens: Front Range & Foothills. Trees Native trees to Colorado Mountains & Plains. Plants with berries both edible and poisonous. With so many species of plants, shrubs, and trees, here are just a few to consider for your landscape. Front Range and Foothills Region. Plants visible in this photo include: Choke cherry, buffalo berry, chives, clovers, salsify, holly hock and comfrey . Let these guys take the hard work out of beautifying your yard. Pine Lane Nursery is a family owned & operated, full service garden center located in the heart of Parker, Colorado. Annual rainfall is 8-10 inches and winter temp extremes can reach -20F. These are all plants which I grow at 5,600 ft in Western Colorado. Published by the Colorado Native Plant Society.