While you’re browsing our collection of jokes, be sure to rate your favorites and share with your friends and kappit! We are always adding new content to this section so be sure to check back often. There’s no Brook(lyn) too big to bridge. Being such an extraordinary bridge means a lot of people have said a lot of things about her. George C. Parker was known as the greatest con-man in American history, managing to sell landmark items like Madison Square Gardens, the Statue of Liberty and, you guessed it, the Brooklyn Bridge.. Cry me a river build a bridge and get over it.

Be sure to check out these IG captions for the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge and read on for our list of 22 bridge Instagram captions. 11 Silly Brooklyn Bridge Puns & Instagram Captions If you’re trying to think of what to caption your killer photo of the Brooklyn Bridge — I’m here to help!

Check out some of the most clever, cute and funny quotes about The Brooklyn Bridge. There are plenty of other contexts you can use a bridge in and you’ll find them all here. How to Use these New York Puns & Jokes. The Best Brooklyn Bridge Puns for Brooklyn Bridge Instagram Captions . Here are my favorite Brooklyn Bridge puns for every circumstance.

Harsh, if it’s said to you but funny if it isn’t. Here are some so-bad-they’re-good Brooklyn Bridge puns to choose from. Today it's a symbol of strength and vitality. Close. Pin for later! ... the Brooklyn Bridge, and Penn Station for you to listen to before (or during) ... Pin these New York Puns & New York Instagram Captions for Your Trip! They should call this Shooklyn Bridge, because the views are crazy. Read Next: 101 Fabulous Quotes about New York & New York Instagram Captions . People will tell you that you shouldn’t burn any bridges and others will tell you that’s the only way to keep from being followed. Need a funny pun for a bridge name. It’s pretty mainstream. Of course, things changed in the past decades, but the jokes still make sense. "Bridge Humor" is out-of print but you can pick up old copies from Amazon. 135 years ago, it was a source of controversy.

"Classsic Kantar - A Collection of Bridge Humor" is a new book and is actually an updated compilation of "Bridge Humor" and "The Best of Eddie Kantar". Watch as the camera pans around to deliver views of the Brooklyn Bridge, which was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1964. The incident began around noon, according to …

In fact, it is reported (whether it’s true is another matter) that he sold the Brooklyn Bridge at least twice a week, one time for as much as $50,000. I’ll call you Crooklyn Bridge, because you stole my heart. New York, the city that never sleeps, is the city which has its photos taken and shared, thousands of times in a day.