Bowl cuts are so named both because they give the appearance of an upside-down bowl on the head and because they are often created by actually placing a bowl on the head and cutting around it.

Der Super Bowl [ˈsuːpɚ ˈboʊ̯l] ist das Finale der US-amerikanischen American-Football-Profiliga National Football League (NFL). A ball, traditionally made of wood, that is weighted or slightly flattened so as to roll with a bias, used in lawn bowling. With pump head, you measure pressure at the discharge flange. The pump efficiency is the efficiency of the pump when measured at the discharge flange of the pump. Bowl efficiency is typically quoted on vertical turbine type pumps like a VS1 type. Tonsure is usually the part of three rites of passages in the life of the individual in Hinduism. Er findet in der Regel am ersten Sonntag im Februar statt. 2. The first is called Chudakarana (IAST: Cūḍākaraṇa, Sanskrit: चूडाकरण; literally, "rite of tonsure"), also known as choulam, caula, chudakarma, or mundana, marks the child's first haircut, typically the shaving of the head.

• When she finished he gave a short laugh and bowed his head.

The term originates from the Latin word tōnsūra (meaning "clipping" or "shearing") and referred to a specific practice in medieval Catholicism, abandoned by papal order in 1972. It is the efficiency attained by the pump when measured immediately after the final pump stage. With bowl head, you measure pressure right at the bowl discharge.

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English bow your head bow your head to bend your neck so that you are looking at the ground, especially because you want to show respect for God, or because you are embarrassed or upset   She bowed her head and prayed. • I bowed my head and prayed. Tonsure can also refer to the secular practice of shaving all or part of the scalp to … In construction and function a bong is similar to a hookah, except smaller and especially more portable. Phil stood, his head bowed in shame.

Bowl definition is - a concave usually nearly hemispherical vessel : a rounded container that is usually larger than a cup; specifically : a drinking vessel (as for wine).

How to use bowl in a sentence.

4. chester_bowls: BOWL ON HEAD sxy_grrl: im not puting a bowl on my head …

(US lawn bowling) a game played either outside on smooth grass or inside on an artificial surface, in which the players roll a large black or brown ball as close as possible to a smaller white ball: Bowls … Bullheaded definition is - stupidly stubborn : headstrong. The act of filling a vehicle with smoke from the illegal drug Marijuana. A roll or throw of a ball in lawn bowling and other bowling games. (bōl) n. 1.

→ bow Examples from the Corpus bow your head • Jerry stood there with his head bowed in shame. Der Super Bowl ist weltweit eines der größten Einzelsportereignisse und erreicht in den Vereinigten Staaten regelmäßig die höchsten Fernseh-Einschaltquoten des Jahres. In the bong shown in the photo, the gas flows from the lower port on the left to the upper port on the right.

fishbowling is accomplished by closing all windows and doors and shutting off all air vents while smoking Marijuana inside the … bowl on head unknown A demand made by internet voyeurs for a person on a webcam to place a bowl on their head. bowl 2. 3. bowls(used with a sing. A bong (also water pipe, billy, bing, or moof) [citation needed] is a filtration device generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances.

• He watched open-mouthed as Alice bowed her head and her eyes, her gloriously blue eyes, opened fully. bowl noun (GAME) bowls [ U ] UK.

verb) See lawn bowling. Verb.

It is this distinctive bowl shape that distinguishes the bowl cut from other short haircuts.. Meme Center. With a VS1, the loss in pressure head you get because you are measuring higher on the pump is exactly made up for the by the GAIN in lift, which is part of the head … How to use bullheaded in a sentence.