The recipe is shown by Archana Arte, please watch and try it at home. It literally means potato fritters. #faralichivda #chivda #archanaarterecipes साहित्य:
This is very tasty, filling and yummy snack to have at any time, anywhere and any number of times :) Preparation time : 25 mts Cooking time : 30 mts Serves : 4 to 6 people Make something light and quick to eat, so try this Farali Chivda recipe which can be a great Namkeen Snack and can also be served to family and friends. आईये आज हम अपने घर पर बटाटा बडा (Batata wada) या आलू वड़ा (Aloo vada) बनाते हैं. Read - Batata Vada Recipe In English आवश्यक सामग्री - Ingredients for Batata Vada. घोल बनाने के लिये: Keep watching IFN Marathi for more such recipes.

Batata Vada (Marathi बटाटा वडा) is a popular Indian vegetarian fast food in Maharashtra, India.
Vada Pav, bas nam hi kafi hain ;) an awesome snack from Mumbai, which is goes just well during heavy rain.