Turles likes being a bitch but won't admit it. Chapter 1: Denial and Frustration 3.6K 82 30. by Zenrock12. Bardock and King Vegeta both went to Hell. Like most other saiyans, King Vegeta wore a black pair of pants, black shirt under his silver colored chest plate, but his plate had the royal crest on it in red and he had a fur kilt around his waist. You can find her on Tumblr, Twitter and Patreon! Is this hypothetical situation before Bardock went back in time? Realize King Vegeta is the King of Saiyans.

Bardock turns to King Vegeta, just as two guards walk over and remove his cape.

rewatch the real special, not the fake mistranslated english dub implying he ISNT as strong as King Vegeta yet. Language: English Bargeta is the fusion of King Vegeta and Bardock. They are unknown of the existence of the other (Goku meets Vegeta eventually), one is a low-class fighter while the other is of royalty, and the Vegeta side was the first killed by Frieza while the Goku side put up a much more impressive assault.

not once. Broly/Turles, King Vegeta/Bardock, Vegeta/Goku, Mirai Trunks/Gohan, Trunks/OMC, Goten/?, Super 17/17, Nappa/Radditz. Bardock was just a Low-Class Warrior who got a zenkai and they said if he keeps this up he will be almost as strong as King Vegeta no they never ever said that. Or are we assuming King Vegeta somehow survived and went back in time like Bardock? Bardock is in more control of the fusion.

It depends. With how borning it is there they decided to train and fight. Pan takes to Bunny. Follow/Fav Bardock versus King Vegeta! Share.

Either way, here are plausible answers. He removes this as well, before tossing it aside and cracking his knuckles. King Vegeta is a smartass. #bardock #dbz #kingvegeta #kingvegetaxbardock. With the icea they would stay strong and feared. By: Hipster Bardock. Winner becomes King of The Saiyans! ever. I need to write more in order to make a fitting description, sorry. by Zenrock12 Follow. Boundaries (King Vegeta X Bardock) Fanfiction.

Bardock versus King Vegeta! Directory: Characters → Saiyan Xeno Bardock (バーダック:ゼノ Bādakku: Zeno) is a version of Bardock from another dimension.

I am going to burn in hell.

Credit to the wonderful Nala1588 for the image used as the cover! Bardock really hates his powers.

1. Goten is mysterious. Broly is really not half as crazy as he seems. The relationship between Bardock and King Vegeta reminds me of Goku and Vegeta.