Instructions In a blender, combine the coconut milk (you can use canned or the container kind, just note that the canned gives a thicker shake), spinach, avocado, monk fruit maple syrup, lemon juice, and the protein powder. Nut butter is another favourite in Keto smoothies. For the recipe in detail, scroll to the recipe card at the end of the post.

Luckily, the avocado is such a versatile fruit. This spinach, vanilla and avocado breakfast smoothie will keep you feeling full for hours. I’ve skipped the fruit … My personal favourite are GREEN SMOOTHIES like this one. If you want to increase creaminess, simply add avocado. It’s packed with avocado and spinach to cover your healthy green food base, and … It can be a breakfast, dessert or snack. Blend on high until smooth… Packed with fiber, vitamins and healthy … This is just a quick overview of how to make Avocado Milk. It can also be made totally dairy free.

Or add coconut oil, coconut butter or even mct oil. Obviously, condensed milk and sugar is a big no-no on Keto, which is what gives the shake its sweet taste and silky texture. A simple blend of almond milk, spinach, avocado, coconut oil and vanilla protein, this low-carb breakfast smoothie is super fast and easy to make — and just 4g net carbs. This keto friendly low-carb, chocolate smoothie made with high quality cocoa and avocado is chocolate deliciousness.

That’s mostly because it contains little to no carbs, unlike the regular milk which is high in sugar contents. I do want to have a word with you about unsweetened cocoa powders. The recipe that I’m sharing today is one such option. I’ve incorporated a little bit of avocado and almond milk to increase the number of fats this smoothie has. It makes literally the best keto green breakfast smoothie ever. Almond milk is great to use when you are on a low carb diet.

You can also use avocados to increase the creaminess. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk; Avocado (frozen or fresh) Vanilla extract; Swerve Confectioners, or another keto-friendly sweetener Optional mix-ins (see recipe card for ideas) How to Make Easy Keto Avocado Milk. It’s also great to use if lactose causes digestion issues.
With a focus on from scratch, homemade cooking, animal-based nutrition, and easy DIY beauty and personal care recipes, there’s always something new going on in her kitchen! Peanut butter or almond butter add natural sweetness and are a source of healthy fat.

Jessica Haggard is the creator of Primal Edge Health, where she shares simple, nourishing low-carb, keto and carnivore diet recipes.