Argentina calls the archipelago Las Malvinas. Money was no object as Martin Bormann had all the Third Reich confiscated wealth transferred to Argentina. Argentina calls the archipelago Las Malvinas. The staggering power of Russia's new top-secret nuclear rocket It's believed Russia's 9M730 Burevestnik rocket – dubbed Skyfall by Nato – caused the country's explosion By Will Bedingfield Argentina also claims a portion of Antarctica, as well as several islands in the South Atlantic, including the British-ruled Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas). THE NAZI-ARGENTINA-EDOM THERMONUCLEAR CONNECTION! Argentina had for long wanted to claim the Falklands (or the Las Malvinas, as the Argentinians called it), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, which had all been under British rule since 1833 and populated by British settlers who were loyal to the crown. Argentina's nuclear island. 21 February 2020 | World War Two. One is … The islands, she said on Wednesday, "constitute a NATO military nuclear base in the South Atlantic - this is the truth that they can't continue to hide". BBC Reel Huemul Island, offshore from Bariloche, Argentina, was the home of a secret lab developing research on nuclear fusion led by a mysterious scientist from Nazi Germany. Argentina’s foreign minister has accused the UK of deploying nuclear weapons near the disputed Falkland Islands, militarizing the South Atlantic. Until recently, Argentina's nuclear program was considered dangerous by arms control officials in Washington, since the country's nationalistic Government refused to … Argentina claims Britain stole the islands, situated 300 miles off the coast of Patagonia, in 1833. At the invitation of Juan and Eva Perón, Dr. Richter arrived in Argentina in August 1948. Juan and Eva gave him an island near Bariloche to duplicate his Thuringia hydrogen bomb facility. Argentina's atomic reputation was restored in the following decades by two research institutions founded, and still growing, near the site of Richter's debacle. Hector Timerman voiced the accusations as he lodged a formal protest with the UN on Friday.