But it is one of the hardier annuals, able to survive light frosts that would kill tenderer plants. Ht. Fragrant and easy to grow, sweet alyssum is a go-to plant for every gardener, with a pleasant fragrance and prolific blooms. Let us show you how to grow Alyssum from seed using these tried and true techniques. All of the seed we handle at American Meadows is non-GMO, neonicotinoid-free and guaranteed to grow. General Annual plants also known as Sweet Alyssum. Alyssum plants produce long, oval leaves and flowers that can be pink, purple, yellow or white in color. Growing to be 8-16” tall, this smaller beauty can be planted in the front of the garden or meadow or even in containers. Packet of 5,000 Royal Carpet Alyssum Seeds For Planting. Sprawling plants with dense clusters of small flowers. Zones 3-7. Start from seed in early spring in seed flats indoors and transplant after the danger of frost has passed.

Sweet Alyssum is an annual plant, although some varieties are hardy in frost-free areas. This is one plant I don’t think you can ever go wrong with—or kill! It plays a key role in Companion Planting and can be used as a cover crop to attract insects, smother weeds, and increase fruit set in vegetable beds. Annual. It is classically found in coastal areas, but it will grow in most zones during the growing season. They are native to Europe, Africa and Asia but are commonly grown in North America as an ornamental flower. Very compact, only 4 inches high. Vibrant shades of purple, pastel pink and crisp white make this a great edging flower. It plays a key role in Companion Planting and can be used as a cover crop to attract insects, smother weeds, and increase fruit set … Growing only about 4 to 6 inches tall, it hugs the ground forming a dense groundcover.

Grow Royal Carpet Alyssum from fresh Lobularia maritima flower seeds. Technically a perennial, it is usually grown as an annual in most regions of the United States. It is said to be hardy and grows... Seeds… Alyssum is an easy-to-grow annual that is both decorative and useful.

Silvery foliage covered with a solid veil of yellow blooms. Package contains 0.5 grams, approximately 600 Basket of Gold Alyssum - Perennial Seeds.

Sweet alyssum is a butterfly and insect pollinator magnet, and hummingbirds love it, too. Alyssum compacta from seed is a perennial groundcover that thrives in hot, dry climates, setting a brilliant carpet of golden blooms in spring. Mature Size: Most varieties grow 4 to 6 inches high and 6 to 9 inches wide: Sun Exposure: Sweet Alyssum plants will grow in either full sun or partial shade. Its rounded clusters of flowers are fragrant.

How to Grow Alyssum. For an easy-to-grow perennial, and an alyssum by any other name,... Hardiness and Size.

Avg. Alyssum Seeds Alyssum flowers are easy to grow and bloom quickly. Royal Carpet will produce clusters of beautiful, purple flowers all summer long. Flowers are small, white, yellow, lilac, pink, red or purple, collected in small trusses, bloom in May till autumn. Technically a perennial, sweet alyssum is widely treated as if it were an annual plant in the North. • Attracts and provides a food source for beneficial insects such as lacewings, parasitic wasps, syrphid flies, and tachinid flies.