You might hear it called Sweet Annie or Annual Wormwood as well. Aloe plicatilis (Fan Aloe) - An interesting succulent shrub with gray colored stems that terminate with a fan-like cluster arrangement of flat 12 inch long slightly upcurved blue-gray round-tipped leaves. Several Aloe species tolerate cold weather, down to the teens. They make fantastic living sculptures for hot, dry landscapes or miniature marvels for indoor growing. Other than in habitats, I do not think there is anywhere in the world where there are this many Aloe polyphylla in bloom. Although it rarely flowers, when it does the flowers are salmon-pink and tubular. Aloe polyphylla AL-oh pol-ee-FIL-lah Audio The spine-tipped leaves of this aloe grow in a beautiful spiral; mature plants have five rows of leaves growing either clockwise or counterclockwise. Aloe polyphylla Commonly called spiral aloe. Aloe plicatilis Fan Aloe This beautiful tree Aloe grows tall, with a gray trunk that supports many forked branches.

Visiting the Spiral Aloe Plants at Succulent Gardens. Homrkey Super Soft Blankets Plant National Flower Of Lesotho South Of Africa Aloe Polyphylla Spinning Spiral Aloe Vera Multicolo. Color: Grey-green leaves, orange flowers. It is very hardy, but will rarely flower. Spiral Aloe (Aloe polyphylla) The grey-green leaves on this aloe form a perfect spiral shape, and the leaves have white to pale-green spines along the edges and dark, purple-brown at their tips. Zones: 7-10.

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Unique with its fan-like leaf arrangement, Aloe plicatilis (Fan Aloe) forms a remarkable shrub or small tree. As the plant ages, it forms an alluring spiral pattern in either clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Bloom time: Summer, although it rarely flowers. Shop a huge online selection at

Height/Spread: 1 foot tall, to 2 feet wide. Skip to main content. Aloe polyphylla is on the endangered species list. This crop is about 10 years old and is blooming for the first time. As the old, lower leaves die, they fall off the branches, exposing This striking low-grower with spiraling leaves is more cold-hardy than other Aloe. Clusters of fan-shaped blue-green leaves grow on each branch, giving this succulent its name. A native of Lesotho, Africa, … aloe polyphylla. Bheema 5PCS Aloe polyphylla Seeds Amazing Courtyard Plant: Home & Kitchen Bonsai Seeds Bonsai Plants Cacti And Succulents Planting Succulents House Plants Garden Plants Spirals In Nature Jardin Decor Plantas Bonsai Exposure: Full sun.

Aloe (AH-loh) are loose rosettes of long, slender leaves lined with gentle teeth. Botanical Name: Aloe Polyphylla Ultimate Height and Spread: Usually 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide Container Size: Medium Aloe polyphylla is a unique aloe variety that forms a rosette of bluish-green leaves. At the end of branched stems, the fleshy, strap-shaped, round-tipped, blue-gray leaves, about 1 ft. long (30 cm), are stacked in pairs and are reminiscent of fans. Shop great deals on Cactus & Succulent Plants. THROW BLANKET HOT SALE SIZE: W70xL93MATERIAL: blanket is made of high quality microfiber polyester,, which makes the blanket soft, comfy and breathable and warm,Not allergic.FEATURES & DURABILITY:The blanket is against shedding, pilling, fading, wrinkle free. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. Often the leaf tips display orange shades, adding further charm to the plant. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Spiral aloe. aloe polyphylla. The leaves are oblong, growing upwards. Hardy Aloe (A. striatula), lace Aloe (A. aristata) and the incredibly beautiful spiral Aloe (A. polyphylla) are cold hardy to 10 F, and are often grown outdoors all year even in well-drained pockets in English garden walls where they sometimes get covered with snow.