Powder | Discover our latest range of pressed and loose face powders. Warm your skin with our new Makeup Revolution Banana Powder with this mattifying banana powder.
Q: Hey, I use the shade C8 as a concealer and was wondering what my perfect shade of baking powder would be. The lightly tinted powder efficiently locks makeup in place, eliminating shine, correcting redness and preventing smudging to ensure a smooth, poreless complexion.

My last post was a first impression review on the Makeup Revolution Luxury banana powder (which you can read here if you missed it) and it made me wonder how it would compare to the world renown Ben Nye banana powder.. With a hint of colour set your foundation and reduce shine whilst correcting redness and pink undertones. In my quest to broaden my knowledge of budget cosmetics, I’d say this powder is a fantastic start. With a hint of color, set your foundation and reduce shine while correcting redness and pink undertones. This pressed powder also comes in three banana shades to accurately colour match light, medium and dark skintones. Also, in the front pose it shows the luxury banana powder which I was hoping to buy, but when I go to the options, there isn’t an option for that powder. Available online at the official Revolution Beauty website. Today’s post is a review of this setting powder I’ve been using.

I picked up the new Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder. I’ve been using this powder for about two weeks now and I think I can give it my full & detailed review. Achieve all-day perfection with the bestselling Revolution Luxury Banana Baking Powder. The Makeup Revolution is more accessible to those in the UK as it is stocked in Superdrug stores where as the Ben Nye is only available online. Warm your skin with Makeup Revolution's new mattifying Luxury Banana Powder. A loose setting powder. I’m a massive fan of Ben Nye Banana Powder so imagine my surprise when I saw how incredibly similar Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder was to it. In today’s blog post, I’ll be reviewing the MAKEUP REVOLUTION LUXURY BANANA POWDER. The Revolution Banana Powder can be purchased online or from your local Superdrug store for just £5.00 – an absolute bargain considering the quality and reliability of the product. Ideal for banana powder beginners, Makeup Revolution Bake & Blot offers effortless control over coverage and is packaged in a portable compact for simple on-the-go touch ups. Product Description. Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder ($8) is a mattifying, bright yellow powder that sets foundation, reduces shine, and corrects redness or pink undertones while brightening skin. With a sieve to prevent clumping and ensure easy application, shake the bottle before use.