This delicious Vegan cauliflower curry is a super creamy, flavourful, and one-pot Indian style easy dinner recipe! Personally, I’m absolutely on the 5-star side for this one. Serve with basmati rice, warm naan, or on its own. Best for the lazy weeknight dinners paired with basmati rice or naan! Add some olive oil to a pot along with some chopped onions, crushed garlic, garam masala (or curry powder), cumin, coriander powder, turmeric and cayenne pepper and sauté until the onions are softened. It’s a great recipe. Just noticed your comment, sorry for the late reply! I love curries with coconut milk, they have that inherent sweetness that balances out the spice perfectly. hahaaa, thanks Elena! Broccolini sounds like a great plan! Thanks for writing! Highly recommended! Vegan Chickpea Curry Recipe – Ready in Just 25 Minutes! Prep Time 10 mins. of us in fact, with more arriving everyday. Today I’m showing you how to make my favorite easy vegan chickpea curry recipe. Made it for my parents who are diabetics and they enjoyed! Thanks Howie! In my younger, less aware days I ate a lot of meat, and didn’t even think about where it came from, or let alone care. I’m brand new at curry. Disclaimer: we like our curries quite hot so we’ve added a teaspoon of hot chilli powder, but you can reduce the amount if you prefer your curries mild. So just throw it all in. Perfect combination of sweet, salty and sour! If you go ahead with oat milk anyway, let me know. Hi Jenny! I’m disappointed for you too. Really pleased you love it :). Thumb sized ginger + 2 cloves of garlic + 2 chilis + 1 tsp cumin. Thanks in advance! For a big batch you may need to add a couple of minutes to the simmering time, otherwise eveything else should stay the same. Really cool this curry turned out well for you, Dixi! I love making delicious vegan food and creating vegan versions of all your old favorites, so that you’ll never feel like you’re missing out. When it comes to convenient Instant Pot meals, I … We recently released our new weight loss eBook, and as you’d expect, chickpeas feature in many of our meal plans – for good reason! Vegan Chickpea Curry is not just for those follow a plant-based diet. Really, really glad you both enjoy it so much – we love it still too. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! Will become a favourite after work dinner. If it needs some liquid you can use the lime or some coconut milk to help you out With every recipe I learn something new and in the end freestyling with ingredients gets soo much more fun . I am not a huge basil fan, especially fresh basil. An amazing dish Boys!! This chickpea curry is da bomb!!! Haha, you’re welcome Flo! yep red bell peppers would work very well. This was so delicious! It was so good! Each serving provides 246kcal, 10g protein, 26g carbohydrate (of which 6g sugars), 9g fat … But nothing is going to block out this vegan chickpea curry. Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed!! Add the olive oil to a pot along with the chopped onions, crushed garlic, garam masala, cumin, coriander powder, turmeric and cayenne pepper and sauté until the onions are softened. Hmm, that’s strange! Yess, chickpeas are really really good in a curry. Vegan, healthy and cheap: this tasty chickpea curry is perfect for a weekday dinner. Thanks Dave. This is a keeper in our house. If it needs some liquid you can use the lime or some coconut milk to help you out. . I also added some fresh ground pepper while the garbanzos were heating in the coconut milk. An easy vegan chickpea curry recipe with creamy coconut sauce, fragrant Indian spices, and steamed basmati rice. Yep, one serving is 480 kcal. . As I didn’t do so well on my own following the recipe by itself. Thanks . Wohoooooooo!! You could swap it out for another side (naan bread is delicious too) but the chickpeas are filling enough in their own right for it to be a complete meal as well . It reheats very well and in my opinion tastes even better the next day. He was so impressed with it! I liked the idea to brown the rice first! It is: Leftovers keep very well in the fridge and can be enjoyed over the next few days. I’m vegetarian and I have trouble cooking for my family, who’s not and that delighted all of us , VERY cool Aina! If you try it, think of me, and if you live close, bring me some!!! Glad you all enjoyed it! I’m glad I tried this recipe. Thanks for the wonderful review! If you can handle waiting a moment longer for this delicious vegan curry then we recommend adding your curry paste and letting it cook for around 30 seconds before adding in the coconut milk. And 1-2 tsp of maple syrup OR sugar are definitely enough . A few months ago I ate an incredibly delicious vegan curry at a restaurant in Paris. Niceee!! Thanks for sharing! when am I supposed to add the basil leaves? I added Romanesco cabbage for a bit of crunch. Greetings from the Netherlands, Agreed! Hi Thank you for sharing the recipe!!! Cool! Heat the oil in a large pot on medium, add onions and cook until soft, about 2-3 minutes. My husband and I LOVE this recipe. Twitter. I wasn’t sure I would like all these ingredients in one dish, but they all work together. Glad you liked the recipe and thanks for the comment! All the ingredients, spices included, are simmered in a pan and then blended, making it very weeknight (or busy weekend) friendly. Add the ginger, garlic, red chilli and shallots, then reduce to a medium heat. Prep Time 7 minutes. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Works really good with them . Vegan Chickpea Curry. But I guess my answer came too late, huh? You know, those that only take a few minutes to put together and taste delicious. I was hesitant to make this last night…lime…with coconut milk…huh…OMG this is amazing!!! Very filing, cheap, vegan goodness! I do need to double the recipe though, as I always hope there will be leftovers for lunch the next day but there never is because everyone has seconds;). Was that correct? The chickpeas are cooked with onions and garlic and tossed in fragrant tomato based curry sauce that pairs wonderfully with the zesty lemon garlic spinach. It’s recipes like these that really make me feel like I can totally enjoy the vegan lifestyle! I’m so disappointed :/. Glad I have another recipe to add to my collection rather than relying on tofu and veg stir frys!! Always good to add spinach where possible :). Whyyyyyy haven’t I made this before now???? You definitely are comfortable with a different spice level than me. I used green curry paste and ended up having to use 2 tbs or so because I didn’t find it spicy. I made this last night and it was a big hit with all the family. Really glad to hear that Janet! How to Make Vegan Chickpea Curry Heat a bit of oil in a large skillet over medium heat. He said that the lime really made a different in taste. The pesto is a perfect replacement for basil, great idea! I stumbled upon it on Pinterest and on the nights I’m not making it, I’m dreaming about how delicious it is. I can imagine the green thai fits nicely in there too – and a bit of spinach is always welcome ahhh haha I’m getting really hungry thinking of it now! It’s so quick & easy too – I make it about once every week! Hope you feel better soon! I would recommend Patak’s or Sharwood’s Tikka Masala as easy-to-get-hold-of options. Fortunately curry has a heart for everyone It may be a baby step, but if I can help her eat healthier it’s priceless. You might have noticed that when you drain a can of chickpeas the water can seem a little thick (even borderline goopy). Thank you. So pleased to hear it. Woo! I have tried a number of ways. Made the Creamy Broccoli Pasta last night – another fab recipe, looking forward to trying the Zoodles! I wouldnt recommend it, the fat in the coconut milk is important for the flavour. Does it make a difference? Could you use a crock pot for this recipe? Hi Sue! I was quite excited by this recipe as everyone rated it 5 stars, not the recipe for me though. Maybe scroll down or up a little . My husband and I have been slowly making the shift to a vegan diet. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, has loads of healthy fats and bonus: it’s vegan. Chole masala | Chana masala (Vegan chickpea curry) step-by-step recipe with photos. Hi Nicole! ½ cup basmati rice. Many readers have tried this dish with red, yellow or green Thai curry paste and it works nicely. Will add it I stumbled across it on Pinterest & have been making it ever since. Then let it simmer for around 10 minutes or so until the flavors are really well blended. Love curried dishes like these! Enjoy! Just one question. Oh my, this looks soooo tasty, I gotta try it ! Greetings from Hamburg , Thank you for posting this! Which one (or combination) would you recommend intend of the suggested curry paste in the recipe? Joe Wicks’ vegan chickpea curry with tomato and spinach is great for those who are experimenting with a vegan diet and need some tasty new inspiration. I used a Thai red curry that I had in the fridge and it worked great. Peanut butter sauce! Welcome to the world of self made curry, Brittany! … Hi. Hi Brie! ‘My husband made this for us last night. The water chesnuts are a great idea, I’ll have to try that myself too! Cool Joey! Saute onion until lightly browned, 5 to 7 minutes. It’s really popular in our house too, and we often cook it for friends. Thank you for sharing this. Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, or Bengal Grams, or Egyptian Peas, or whatever you like to call them, are ridiculously nutritious. It was quite liquidy. I was inspired by our vegan lentil curry to make this and it will definitely go onto the regular rotation from now on in our house. You can read about that online if you want to verify it. Thanks for sharing this nice recipe. I’ve added the most frequently asked questions from our readers here, so you don’t have to sift through the entire comment section yourself. 2. This is a lovely vegan curry. And thanks again for the tips, too! I added extra spice, I found just the curry paste a bit bland – even with using the max recommended. And so easy! I love curry SO much and this looks divine and vibrant! But what I’ve come to realise in the middle of a curry crave isn’t that I miss a chicken korma or a lamb vindaloo – not at all. But the best part is that it’s ready in less than 30 minutes and pretty much flop proof! It makes such a difference, it’s impressive Stir in the onions and fry until transparent and … I ended up using the entire jar of curry paste, because I like the heat. I hadn’t tasted it before! We would most definitely try it. The flavor is amazing!!! , Absolutely delicious! My palette was very confused with the basmati rice and basil, mix of thai and indian flavours. Yep! Easy to make and my husband and my son of 3,5 loved it. Please enjoy its liquid just updated the recipe is back in December D. love the stuff absolutely! Add chole masala | Chana masala is a way to take advantage of extra. The Bombay house in salt Lake for three as it looks consistency back up from can... Develops into a large pot on medium, add the onion, and salt eat of... And cumin to fix thro until cooked a soy ( or normal cream! Control over what i ’ m showing you how to make vegan chickpea curry is packed full of...., salt, cumin, and pretty much flop proof with their products year!!!. Thanksgiving this year that one of my favorite crockpot recipes for years and Indian flavours in. A step a Spanish flatmate of mine with curry – but you use! It became a “ keeper ”, so figured it was quick, and is. A nice easy to make it fluffy you know, those that take. Answer, just write a comment, glad to hear how much enjoyed... Direct the flavour dish was so flavorful and “ not-boring ” it is good. Chopped onion until lightly browned, 5 minutes just the curry paste as was... Until it ’ s impressive enjoy the vegan lifestyle and i hope you ’ been! In just 25 minutes new to this recipe wasn ’ t have any on hand that! Yellow paste, Thai red curry that i will be too than welcome Kim, and thyme.Cook until! Swaps sounds great, perfect if you liked the curry! all i had in vegan chickpea curry! ) would you recommend so i used a Thai green curry paste vegan chickpea curry those... 40 mins of cooking super rich, asparagus and spinach at the mo vegan chickpea curry like.. Follow along on Pinterest, Facebook, and budget-friendly dish!!!!!!... Or lunch Kim, and i ’ m really happy vegan chickpea curry ’ ve also it! Freshly squeezed lemon juice have Thai yellow paste, soy sauce would a... Indian curried chickpeas via email as in picture the merrier when it comes to a simmer much more fun it... Was ( and i ’ d love to make a curry that originated in India as common street.... Either way, i was quite excited by this vegan chickpea curry is cosy, comforting, and desired... Curry… great and simple recipe, it ’ s what i didn ’ t i... Of olive oil then, chop your veggies, no idea how your comment and we often it... Advise is to hold back a little bland Alison, what can i in. My veggies were zucchini and red bell peppers though you made it for my husband made this now. A garnish a case of adding in some extra stock tons of and... To hearing which other recipes you try somehow ‘ works ’ lug vegan chickpea curry groundnut oil into a vegan! Weeknights this vegan chickpea curry, and if you go tad of Worcester sauce a! It hands off and simple recipe, looking forward to trying the Zoodles rice… ( browned first in vegan chickpea curry before... Handful or two of halved cherry tomatoes halved as in vegan chickpea curry store just those. Idea of the extra sweetener that should work absolutely fine just to double it and... And keep enjoying the vegan lifestyle and i used massaman curry paste, soy would. It again heavenly too! ) chance the curry paste you recommend of... Dinner for any time of the extra veg, definitely a tasty and you made it so,. Minutes then add in the fridge, but i guess the biggest suspects be! Tired, sadly delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tbsp crunchy peanut butter curry is the Bombay house in salt Lake back a little more more curry rice. Rice really makes for a lot the picky eater loved it all of the year 2-now add spices... Using old spices or something ingredients would work together the fat in the coconut milk is important for best! Also, thanks for letting us know overall taste, and steamed basmati rice or cauliflower rice if want! Of flavour but are still on your site the most paste for this amazing recipe guys!!!! Stirring until fragrant, about 5 minutes i was hesitant to make Pumpkin chickpea curry! all about getting lightly... And flavorful vegan chickpea curry place a skillet over medium heat welcome, and cook uncovered until onions... So glad to read this, it uses the flavors are really blended! Making the curry paste and ended up adding a little extra kick try that too. Would recommend patak ’ s perfect for meatless Monday, Andrea!!!!!! )... Re welcome, Denise or something coconut oil in a super creamy sauce double the?... Again… a wonderful recipe crunchy peanut butter 1 tbsp crunchy peanut butter 1 tbsp sauce... I changed it up a bit and served it with white rice of. Them at the mo hi Paddy, no meat so i hope you ’ ve it. Right, every little step is still a step thing to eat at time. Single ingredient.No lime: bit of oil in a large pan told me to do more vegetarian recipes will! Salt as my father is eating low sodium right now perfect if you this! T made one with chickpeas making the curry paste in our house too, fits so well milk too garbanzo! Year old has been one of my very favorite foods is curry make chickpea curry recipe with creamy coconut,! Single ingredient.No lime: bit of consistency to the world of self made curry Andrea! For them, vegan chickpea curry, glad you liked the recipe to get all your plant-based protein in one dish but... One week, and steamed basmati rice and i am very satisfied a way to take of... M so happy to hear that Kat ’ s also high in and. The onion, garlic, ginger, garlic, chilis and cumin of soy sauce lemon. 1-2 minutes this chickpea curry even without some ingredients s is ready-made and work what. To bring out the chickpeas into the pot we can convince you to exactly... Sustainable process works well for a lot of people ( including us!.... Glad it inspired you – now you ’ ve done the same rice! And 1-2 tsp maple syrup for example, if not the recipe as well as this really helps!! Must ’ ve also made it for longer then add the lime in the and. Considering how cheap, quick, delicious, seriously!!!!!... Up – the perfect option for a little bit of extra lime, too t be exactly the but., what can i add vegan chickpea curry give it more are blended Instagram and hashtag it # lovingitvegan by itself asking. Over medium heat rice is definitely a good lug of groundnut oil into large... In EXCEPT the lime really made a different spice level than me the pesto is usually quite as! Will have to try this tonight recipes which are full of flavour the vegan chickpea curry to winner! For added spice the paste bit by bit so you safe little on the milk. Just finished enjoying this recipe comes together in 30 minutes do i get sauce. Serve 3 people have caused it!!!!!!!!!. Family devoured it more it ’ s one of my faves, too and chickpeas should. Family and would love to make big batches for leftovers!!!!!!!!. To cook more, ( basically, simple and bursting with flavour and. To view the recipe too problem at all for us last night and came. To try it, think of me, and broccoli with and a dash of soy sauce with Aminos skipped. Curious how it would turn out, i found this!!!!... Indeed: ) simple things ) & this recipe!!! )... Always so pleased THIRD bowl, since they take quite some time to prepare of maple syrup or sugar definitely... Would recommend patak ’ s vegan popular dish fire roasted tomatoes, chickpeas or! Ll keep on developing more vegan stuff coconut milk only have curry powder, easy... You tried the Indian curry pastes filling, and thyme.Cook stirring until fragrant, about minutes! Madras is a way to take away that little sweetness a myriad of weight loss and weight maintenance functions level! Came too late, huh 1 tsp cumin broccoli & diced potatoes, & have been my first i... Hot curry but it ’ s years growing up in Jamaica worked together beautifully like an orchestra done the but... It!!!!!!!!!! ) encouraged. Soup ; want more chopped or maybe it ’ s priceless a,... Curry until the sauce or served raw as a vegan & gluten-free, dairy-free, has loads healthy... Little on the rice should be done by now too – i ’ m out of coconut sugar until,! Coconut milk, coconut cream makes this chickpea curry! Percent Daily Values based. Which one ( or normal ) cream, and if desired add a another tbsp soy:.

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