Fabulously fragrant, Choisya ternata (Mexican Orange Blossom) is a very handsome, rounded, evergreen, dense shrub with aromatic, glossy, medium green leaves composed of 3 leaflets. It can reach an approximate height of 3 feet. Because it can feel like you are causing pain to the plant. They are valued for their attractive, aromatic leaves and their fragrant flowers. During the winter when the plant is covered by snowflakes, brush off that weight by gently shaking the branches. The main Thompson & Morgan website is completely separate from this Forum. It grows on rich and well-drained soils that are exposed to shade and sheltered from strong winds. It responds well to pruning and shaping. Choisya is actually the Mexican name for orange blossom. Choisya ternata - Mexican orange blossom APPEARANCE :Evergreen shrub with glossy leaves, somewhat aromatic; and white sweetly- scented flowers in the warmer months.USE FOR : Hedging, feature shrubs, urban courtyard gardens, scented gardens. Pruning. Mexican orange will tolerate being cut back to the ground, if necessary. This plant is valued for its pepper and citrus scent, its bright and persistent foliage and its small white star-shaped flowers. Rustling a leaf with your fingers will allow you to enjoy the citrus fragrance released by the plant. To enable root formation, hormones can be used as a form of preventive treatment before planting. Common name: Mexican orange blossom Making solid mounds of evergreen foliage, these evergreen shrubs are excellent for giving substance to a mixed planting. This reference to orange is due to the resemblance of it’s flowers to that of an orange. Buy Mexican orange blossom Choisya ternata 'Sundance ('Lich')' Our website uses cookies. Plenty of help and advice. Mexican Orange Blossom hedge - Golden (Choisya ternata Sundance) description Choisya ternata Sundance is a great option for adding wildlife to any garden or space. One point worth noting is that Choisya ternata is resistant to Honey Fungus. Mexican orange blossom (Choisya ternata) is that plant. Sundance Mexican Orange Blossom. Plants can also be purchased in pots or in containers for larger quantities. Start by taking out the oldest, woodiest stems, and then prune back the remaining stems to about 30cm (1’) from the base of the plant. The Sundance variety bears golden foliage and is three feet tall. However, give them just a little tender loving care and they will reward you well. ternata, Mexican mock orange, sundance, aztec pearl blossom, goldfinger. How to grow Choisya the Mexican Orange blossom shrub Choisya is one of the best evergreen garden shrubs and so easy to grow. Fragrant orange blossom-like blooms are a delightful bonus. A Mexican orange tree, whether standalone, part of a hedge or in a flower bed doesn’t require any particular pruning. Choisya ternata 'Sundance' SKU. Click to view our range online or visit the nursery. Planting your Sundance Mexican Orange in a beautiful blue pottery coated with varnish creates a contrast with the golden-yellow foliage that provides a nice visual aesthetic effect to decorate your patio or balcony. Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’ is a dome-shaped shrub with bright yellow-green, glossy evergreen foliage, above which clusters of fragrant white flowers appear in late spring. Choisya ternata, also called Mexican orange, is an evergreen shrub that bears clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers.Choisya shrub care is easy. Choisya ternata 'Sundance (Golden Mexican Orange Blossom) is available to buy from Hedges Direct. If you continue to use this website then we will assume you consent to the use of cookies for this purpose. As an informal hedge, the Mexican mock orange will grow into a compact, slightly rounded shrub with little or no pruning. The seedlings are planted 3 to 5 feet apart from each other. To participate and contribute you will need to register and create an account. Read on to find out how to grow choisya. While the first year does not require pruning, older branches will undergo a trimming every 3 to 4 years which will consist of removing a third of their length. If you are looking for tough, water-wise shrubs for your garden, consider choisya plants. If you’re hoping to reduce or balance the branches, avoid pruning at the end of winter, or you’ll be altering the blooming. Mexican Orange Blossoms are generally free from pests and diseases and look after themselves quite well. During the summer, pruning after flowering also limits the plant’s growth in height. The Sundance Mexican Orange is also a melliferous plant that attracts insect pollinators. Choisya, among them the Mexican orange tree (choisya ternata), is a kind of evergreen flower plant.This means that it keeps its green leaves all year round and, in general, only requires an annual pruning session suitable for it to grow in a healthy way and obtain the desired result. Native to Central America, Sundance Mexican Orange belongs to the Rutaceae family. Pruning can be carried out at the beginning of vegetative recovery and at the end of winter, whenever the need arises. For best growing conditions choose a humus rich well drained soil in full sun to part shade, although Choisya ternata or 'Mexican orange blossom' will actually handle a fair amount of shade, but flowering may not be as prolific. Home; Choisya; Search for: How To Prune Choisya. Frost hardy to around -5C. Read on to learn more about Mexican orange blossom’s versatile, well-behaved nature: Originating from Mexico, Choisya is a moderate sized evergreen shrub that grows to roughly 6 feet and slightly wider (but can be kept much smaller by tight pruning). This flowering plant with pink buds is not nicknamed to a fruit for no legitimate reason. PLANTING : Plant in full sun in the garden, or part shade (where it may flower less); any well drained soil is fine. But it is often nicer to succeed in giving it a nice shape, especially when it is part of a hedge. Sue Sanderson – our horticulturist expert. The Goldfinger variety, measuring 8 feet, is particularly hardy and has persistent yellow foliage. The Aztec Pearl variety has very fine foliage divided into slender leaflets and bears white and pink flowers. Pruning annually in spring is … During the first two summers, it is advisable to mulch the young plants. In cold climates, the Sundance Mexican Orange will be grown in an area sheltered by a wall. Mexican Orange Blossom Golden or Choisya Ternata Sundance requires little in the way of pruning, although stripping out older dead wood and weak shoots around June will help promote strong new growth. Also known as the Golden Mexican Orange, the Sundance Mexican Orange is a decorative shrub, native to Central America, which can be planted alone, in clumps or in free hedges. Pruning Choisya is normally carried out in late spring. Evergreen. Its round and compact shape provides nice visual aesthetics. September 26, 2016 Uncategorized choisya. Pruning . USDA Zone? Cuttings are obtained by cutting young stems with clean, sharp pruning shears. This will enable you to create your own posts, comment on other posts, upload any photos you wish to share and so much more. When crushed, the leaves have a distinctive smell, which reminds many gardeners of basil. Mulching is intended to limit the soil’s water evaporation and to fight off the growth of weeds. However, pruning may affect the next flowering period. Shorten stems by 10-12in after flower to encourage 2nd flush. Growing Sundance Mexican Orange can be done by the taking of cuttings throughout the whole summer with cuttings collected on plants from the previous year. The Sundance Mexican Orange, an easy-to-maintain species that does not fear parasites, should be generously watered during hot and dry season. Bright golden-yellow leaves provide year-round color and contrast to shrub and perennial borders. Copyright © Thompson & Morgan, 2004-2017. The Mexican orange blossom is also grown as a stand-alone shrub in the landscape or in pots on a … This golden Mexican orange tree is easy growing and has the advantage of never growing taller than 3 to 6 ½ feet (1 to 2 meters), which makes pruning it a question of taste rather than a need, and makes it perfect for growing in pots. However, in mild climates, it can be planted in- ground, preferably along a wall facing north. It is even possible to let the shrub grow without ever pruning it, it will never reach more than 3 m in height. Both varieties of Mexican Orange Blossom look attractive mixed together or planted alone. Shrubs can be lightly pruned after flowering to maintain shape and promote a second flush of flowers. Cuttings are obtained by cutting young stems with clean, sharp pruning shears.

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